Charming Nature Tours in Eastern Europe

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Vacationing to Europe does not have to only visit mainstream destinations such as Paris, Barcelona, ​​or Rome. There are many tourist destinations on the Blue Continent that are worth visiting.

Eastern Europe can be a holiday destination. This area does save a lot of interesting natural beauty to be explored.

The following are 4 captivating natural attractions in Eastern Europe:

1. | Tatra Mountains in Slovakia

The Tarta Mountains in Slovakia offer a charming panorama. The beauty of such a beautiful stretch of mountains is very refreshing.

This tourist attraction offers the best hiking and skiing sensations in Slovakia. A number of mountain huts facilitate hikers in summer and skiers in winter.

In addition to presenting a natural panorama that is so beautiful, the price of accommodation and food that can be obtained is an added value for this one tourist attraction.

2. | Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

The location of the Plitvice Lakes National Park is south of the City of Zagreb. This tourist attraction is one of the main destinations for outdoor activities lovers in Croatia. This is of course because of the beautiful panorama presented in this lake.

Tourists usually spend the day walking along the wooden path on the blue water of the lake which is still beautiful. Waterfalls that flow around the lake also decorate the exotic panorama of this lake.

3. | Skadar Lake in Albania and Montenegro

Located on the border between Albania and Montenegro, is the largest lake in southern Europe. This freshwater lake is also pristine with beautiful panoramic views that are presented to tourists.

The coast of this lake has many beaches that can be used to relax. In addition there are many activities that can be done in this lake. Tourists can go hiking, cycling and kayaking here.

4. | Slovak Paradise National Park in Slovakia

Back in Slovakia, this country does have many of the best places to hike. However, one of the most charming is the Slovak Paradise National Park.

As the name implies, this one tourist attraction is arguably a mountain climber's paradise. Wooden trails, chains and gorges can be explored by visitors on a hike in one of Eastern Europe's most beautiful landscapes.

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