5 Waterfalls in Montenegro-Europe, Its Enchantment Successfully Steals Attention

The view is stunning

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - For lovers of nature and adventure, Montenegro is one of the best tourist destinations. The country is located in the Balkan region of Southeastern Europe.

In the tourism sector, Montenegro is known for its beautiful coastline along the Adriatic Sea. Surrounded by glacial lakes and limestone peaks, the country is the perfect place to find some stunning waterfalls.

Here are five natural attractions in Montenegro that have succeeded in stealing the attention of travelers.

1. Tara Canyon

Also known as the "Grand Canon of Montenegro", Tara Canyon is home to countless small and seasonal waterfalls. The falls here can be seen during early spring and after heavy rains.

Tara Canyon is about 82 kilometers long and is surrounded by dense pine forests. This is the right place for lovers of challenging activities to visit.

Some of the fun activities you can do include rafting, zip-lining, trekking, and jeep safaris.

2. Pipe Waterfall

Cijevna Waterfall is touted as the best waterfall in Montenegro. This waterfall originates from the Cijevna River which is located just 10 minutes from Podgorica.

The best time to visit Cijevna Waterfall is in early spring when the snow begins to melt as the water flow becomes stronger and heavier. However, visitors are advised not to swim or play in the water in the waterfall area because it is very dangerous.

3. Grlja Waterfall

Grlja Waterfall offers spectacular natural views of Montenegro. This waterfall is where the flows of the Vusankskim River and the Vusanje River meet.

As the Vusanje River flows into the Gjlja Gorge, the flow of the water becomes more rapid, forming several waterfalls. If you pay attention, its shape resembles a door that seems to take you to another world that is underground.

4. Kravice Waterfall

Kravice Waterfall which has a height of about 28 meters offers stunning natural views. In the local language, kravice means 'little cow'.

It is so named because there used to be a small cow falling in a rising river. The locals thought the cow was dead, but it was found at the bottom of the waterfall alive. Since then the locals have called the waterfall the Kravice.

Kravice Waterfall is located about 30 miles south of Mostar. The best time to visit it is in summer when the temperature of the waterfall is warm. The scenery is even more beautiful than in winter.

5. White Drin Waterfall

White Drin Waterfall is located on Mount Zhleb which is 11 kilometers from Peja Town. Its height is about 25 meters. Because it has a heavy water discharge, visitors are advised to always be careful while in the waterfall area.

White Drin Waterfall is often visited because the road access is quite easy. Environmental conditions that are still beautiful and natural also make it a place to find peace.

In terms of tourism, the natural charm of Montenegro does not need to be doubted, as do some charming waterfalls as reviewed in the article above.

Which waterfall do you think captivated you and want to visit for the first time?

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