5 Best Places to See Aurora

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Beautiful nature tourism is not always about mountain and beach views. There are also sights of colorful lights flashing in the sky or commonly known as aurorae. Unfortunately, this natural phenomenon is difficult to occur in a country located on the equator. This is because the aurora only appears in the hemisphere around the north and south poles. However, if you are willing to travel to faraway destinations, here Indonewtravel recommends the best places to see the aurora.


Iceland is one of the best places for aurora viewing where you will see a mix of aurora and peninsula views.

Iceland's most beautiful aurora borealis can be seen on Mount Kirkjufell and can be seen from the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. There, you will see a light that is dominated by green color plus the beauty of the view of crystal clear water at the foot of the mountain. Another cool spot is at the Grotta Lighthouse, the city of Reykjavík. You don't need to be afraid that the city lights there will cover the beauty of the aurora, because the local government makes electricity blackout regulations every night until morning. Well, the best time to see the aurora here is in late August to early April.

Yellowknife, Canada

Provided with a grove near the forest, Yellowknife, Canada is the best place to view the aurora.

Yellowknife is a small village on the northern shore of Great Slave Lake which is known as the aurora sighting paradise in Canada. In addition to the north latitude and low light pollution, this city provides tents to stay and watch the spectacular glow of light. Not only in the village, you can stop by the city at Northern Lighthouses to see the aurora active at night. If you are interested in Canada, come in mid-August to late April.

Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks, Canada is the best place to see the aurora because of the many conveniences that tourists can get.

Intending to travel to the United States for a holiday destination in late August to mid April? You should visit the Waterfowl Refuge Creamer's Field Migratory, 3 km from Downtown Fairbanks, the best place in the US to enjoy the northern lights of this period. Some of the advantages of watching the aurora there are the easily accessible location on well-maintained paved roads, it has its own aurora forecasting system, and there are tour packages to take visitors far from the city. If you want to stay in town, Creamer's Field is an open area on the north side of town with great visibility.

Tromso, Norway

Tromso, Norway is the best place to see the majestic aurora in its own city.

The best place to see the aurora in Norway is Tromso. The city is in the middle of the aurora borealis zone and is located on the eastern side of Tromsøya Island, 300 km from the Arctic Circle (North Polar Circle). You can see the aurora borealis around 18.00 pm to 1.00 pm. If the night is not cloudy, you can climb the mountain which can be reached by the Fjellheisen cable car to hunt for the aurora with the most amazing views. While the best time falls in winter in mid-September to late March. At that time, the weather is said to be very cold and snowy, so make sure you wear the best thick clothes in winter.

South Georgia Island

South Georgia Island is the best place to view the aurora on a cruise.

South Georgia Island is one of the southernmost islands in the world and is covered by sea ice for most of the year. The type of aurora that exists on the South Island of Georgia is the aurora australis because it is in the southern hemisphere. The best place to see the beauty of the aurora is in the South Sandwich Islands by cruise ship. Reportedly, between March and September is the right time to hunt aurora. Moreover, when the solar cycle is at its optimal position, the aurora australis can be seen from anywhere in the extreme southern hemisphere, including from the decks of cruise ships.

That's some information about the best places to see the aurora.

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