5 Beautiful Mountains in Bali, Must-Explore for Hikers


INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Indonesia is known for its many charming mountains. Behind the beauty and beauty of the mountains, it also has challenging terrain for climbers, not only that, climbers will feel satisfied when they are on top of the mountain. Here are some mountains in Bali that must be visited because they have such a beautiful sunrise!

1. | Holy mountain


Mount Agung is the highest peak on the island of Bali with a height of 3,031 meters above sea level and Mount Agung is a stratovolcano type volcano, this mountain has a very large and very deep crater that sometimes emits smoke and water vapor.

This mountain is located in Karangasem Regency, not only being the highest mountain on the island of Bali, but also a mountain that is considered sacred by the Balinese people, there are two hiking routes that you can choose from, namely from Junggul Village and the Pasar Agung Temple route. 

2. | Mount Batukaru


Mount Batukaru is ranked second as the highest mountain in Bali with a height of 2,276 meters above sea level.

Mount Batukaru is a dead mountain and is located in the Tabanan area. This mountain is covered by dense forest, Mount Batukaru has 3 hiking trails that you can choose from, namely Batukaru Temple, Jatiluwih Village and the last one is Pujungan Village. 

3. | Brother Mountain


Mount Abang has a height of 2,152 meters above sea level and is located in Bangli Regency and is flanked by two mountains, namely Mount Agung in the east and Mount Batur in the west.

Between Mount Abang and Mount Batur, there is a beautiful lake that is quite popular and often becomes a tourist destination, namely Lake Batur. If you want to climb Mount Abang, there are two paths that can be passed. The first route is the Songan route and the Suter village route.

4. | Mount Batur


Mount Batur is very beautiful, has a height of 1,717 meters above sea level, has indeed become one of the peaks that is quite famous among tourists because of its relatively easy climbing route.

Besides having easy and comfortable hiking trails, this mountain can also be reached from several villages.

Although the road to the peak is not too difficult, but that does not mean the scenery is not beautiful, Mount Batur is famous for its beautiful sunrise.

5. | Lesung Mountain


Mount Lesung is one of the mountains on the Island of the Gods that has extraordinary beauty because the mountain as high as 1,865 meters above sea level is surrounded by green trees and also old buildings around it make this mountain even more attractive.

To the south of this mountain there is Tamblingan Lake which makes the scenery around this mountain even more beautiful. In fact, this mountain also has a crater that often emits hot steam. Although it takes more struggle to reach the peak, all tiredness will disappear after seeing this charming sight.

Bali is indeed very unique. Having many beautiful beaches and mountains, the natural beauty of these mountains is even more beautiful than the popular tourist attractions in Bali.

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