13 Recommended Unique Tourist Places in the World

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Unique Tourist Places

If you have never visited it, maybe many people will not believe in the unique places in this world. However, in reality such places do exist.

In fact, many people think that these unique places are photoshopped. Wow.. can you imagine the beauty and uniqueness of these tourist attractions?

Many of these unique places have happened because of natural phenomena that have occurred millions of years. It's a very rare phenomenon.

Here are 13 unique tourist attractions in the world.

1. Puerto Rican Beach

This Puerto Rican beach is located in Bioluminenescent Bay. What's interesting about this beach is the magical phenomenon of sparkling blue light in the sea water. The sparkle of the light is so amazing that it makes us seem astonished.

Can you imagine how amazing it is when you swim on the beach with the sparkling light emanating from the sea water? Surely it's amazing right?

This Puerto Rico beach can emit blue light, not because of sewage or man-made pollution, you know. The sparkling blue light turns out to be from millions of microorganisms that live on the seabed to the shore.

At night, these microorganisms will emit light to illuminate themselves.

2. Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain is located in Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park, near the city of Zhangye, northwest of Gansu Province. The area of ​​​​this rainbow mountain / hill is 510 sq. km. The colorful rock formations on Mount Pelangi are very beautiful and unique.

He said, the beauty of the rainbow colors on the rocks on this mountain was formed by sand deposits mixed with other minerals over 24 million years.

Long enough huh? However, the mountain with the rainbow colors really does exist and is not a Photoshop edit.

3. Yellowstone Hot Springs

Yellowstone Hot Springs is located in Wyoming USA (United States of America). This spring is called the Grand Prismatic Spring. These hot springs are truly amazing and are said to be the largest hot springs in the world.

However, unfortunately the Grand Prismatic Spring water is very hot, so we can't enjoy it directly. But, you can still see its beauty from a distance.

When viewed from above, the shape of the Grand Primatic Spring is like a giant eye that is blue, green, and mixed with red which symbolizes a hot fire.

4. Door to Hell

Door to hell is located in Derweze, Turkmenistan. In the past, this place was a natural gas mining site. This place has been burning for over 40 years.

The flames at this door to hell never stop going out, even the flames in this magma pit are getting bigger every year, you know.

So far, you may have only imagined what hell would be like. However, if you want to see a picture of hell in the real world you can see it in door to hell.

5. Tunnel Love (Tunnel Love)

The most romantic tunnel of love is located in Ukraine. This place can also be used as a tourist destination for a vacation with your partner, you know. The length of this tunnel is 3 km.

This tunnel is still actively crossed by trains. However, the train only transports wood and passes once every 3 days. Usually the tourists who visit this place will also be notified of the train crossing schedule.

If you are interested in visiting this place, it is recommended that you visit in spring and summer. This is because the tree leaves that cover the tunnel are growing densely. So, this tunnel becomes even more romantic, right?

Since this place is romantic, of course you should visit it together with your partner. Oh yes, according to the legend, every couple who comes to this tunnel, their love relationship will last until death do them apart.

Besides, whatever they want will be granted. Wow, really suitable for those of you who already have a partner? Come and take your partner to this romantic tunnel.

6. Kawachi Fuji Garden

Kawachi Fuji Garden is a tunnel of wisteria flowers. Kawachi Fuji Garden is located in the city of Kitakyushu, Japan. This flower tunnel is indeed very beautiful.

There are more than 20 types of wisteria flowers that decorate the roof of this tunnel. When you are in this tunnel you will feel the sensation like being in a fairy tale.

7. Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier is located in Australia. This lake is very unique and interesting because the water of this lake is pink. For lovers of pink, of course, this lake will be a favorite place for them. Are you one of them?

Oh yes, the pink color of this lake is not due to waste pollution, you know. It turns out that this color is formed naturally. According to scientists, the pink color comes from a variety of microorganisms and thousands of bacteria that live in this hillier lake.

However, it is not dangerous at all really. If you want, you can still dive or swim in the lake. Very interesting right?

8. Godafoss

Godafoss is located in Iceland. Godapos means the place of the waterfall of the gods and goddesses in Norse mythology.

Godafoss has a height of 12 meters by a width of 30 meters. The sight of Godafos is truly amazing and makes many people astonished to see it.

9. Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is located in Siberia, Russia. Lake Baikal is the deepest and oldest lake in the world. This lake is 636 km long and 80 km wide with a depth of more than 1.6 km.

This lake has the most fresh water content on earth, you know. Therefore, this lake is a place that maintains the survival of living things.

Did you know that 20% of the fresh water on earth comes from Lake Baikal? In addition, 90% of the fresh water found in Russia is also produced from Lake Baikal.

10. Fly Geyser (Fly Ranch Geyser)

Fly Geyser is located in Wahoe, Nevada. In 1917, this Fly Geyser was accidentally created while drilling for a water well. When it spouted, it turned out that what appeared was a hot spring that could not be used at all by residents.

However, the strange thing is that the water that gushes out of the Fly Geyser makes the cone-shaped rock hills colorful, you know.

So amazing right? In addition, it turns out that the hot water spray released by the Fly geyser can reach 1.5 meters to 3.7 meters, you know.

11. Apostle Ice Cave

Apostle Ice Cave is in the Apostle Islands, on Lake Superior, Wisconsin United States. This cave can be accessed by general tourists, you know. This cave has a very extreme cold temperature.

When tourists visit this Cave, they can see amazing views from the frozen ice cave ceiling to crossing the frozen water lake on the way to the Apostle Cave. Are you interested in visiting this place?

12. Crystal Caves

Crystal Cave is located in Skaftafell, Iceland. Crystal Cave comes from ice in the form of crystals.

When in this place, visitors will be very amazed when they see the transparent walls of the cave. There the frozen water bubbles are very clearly visible.

13. Dolphin Tour

The last unique tourist spot is dolphin tourism on Lovina Beach. This dolphin tour is located in Bali, Indonesia. So, you don't have to go far to enjoy one of the unique tourist lists in the world.

At Lovina Beach, you can see the life of dolphins in their natural habitat. Oh yes, to be able to see and play with hundreds of dolphins on this beach you have to visit it in the morning yes. You can come around 6-8 am.

There you can rent a boat to see the dolphins. In addition, you can also enjoy a beautiful sunset view on this beach, you know. Very interesting right?


After knowing these amazing unique tourist attractions, of course we can be more grateful for the beauty of this extraordinary place in the world.

You can also make these unique tourist spots your reference for traveling.

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