12 Famous Tourist Attractions in London That You Must Visit

London is one of the most advanced modern cities in the world which is equipped with various types of interesting, unique and second to none tourist attractions. One of the most famous tourist attractions in London and much visited by local and foreign tourists is the Big Ban Clock Tower. Another attraction of London so that it becomes a magnet for foreign tourists to come is the existence of popular clubs that have large fan bases such as Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and West Ham Uneted.

The fans of the football club are willing to come to London to watch the match live, but from the other side their purpose of coming is of course not just to watch the game, but also to visit various tourist attractions in London which are very interesting and easily accessible.

There are several factors that cause tourist attractions in London to be famous and popular among the world community. First, the quality of the tourism object itself, whether it is interesting or not, and the uniqueness (only in this city). Second, there are good promotions that have been carefully planned through concepts (spending capital first) and natural promotions that come from word of mouth.

Third, the city's internal factors have modern transportation tools to support tourism. There are at least 6 transportations to support tourist attractions in London, such as buses, taxis, tube or electric trains, national rail, riverboats and trams. Complete isn't it? Fourth, service and security. The quality of customer satisfaction service certainly makes visitors feel at home on vacation. The security of the city of London can also be said to be safe, there is nothing that threatens.

The fifth factor is the number of cheap promos on vacation to tourist attractions in London. The name is also a promo, of course the price is cheaper. Travel promos to London mostly come from certain airlines with cheap and attractive discounts. Those are 5 factors of the many that make tourist attractions in London famous and popular to the international world.

Are you planning a vacation to London? Already know the budget that must be spent? Holidays to London were not too expensive, not up to tens of millions. Here are some vacation promos to London that you must know, the cost is approximately 12 million.

There are at least about 15 million tourists every year who come on vacation in London. Fantastic numbers when viewed from the point of view of a city, not all tourists in the UK. In London you can find various tourist attractions, ranging from family tours, nature, unique, cool, rare buildings, history, romantic tours and so on, complete in essence.

If you intend to vacation in London and this is the first time you come to this city or even just reading to add insight, but be careful not to drool. The following are recommendations for tourist attractions in famous (popular) London that are interesting and must be visited.

Tourist Attractions in London

1. | London Tower Bridge


Tower Bridge in the city of London is a cool bridge the most popular in the world and is one of the famous tourist attractions in London that must be visited when we are in London. Tower Bridge spans the River Thames, connecting the City of London and Southwark. The length reaches 244 meters, there are 2 towers about 65 meters high.

What's interesting about Tower Bridge is that there is a walkway connecting the two towers, 44 meters high. If you visit this tourist spot in London, you can see exhibitions in the two towers above the bridge, enjoy the beautiful view of the most beautiful and clean river in London, be alone with your partner or gather with your family in the afternoon, evening and night.

2. | Big Ben Clock Tower, London


The second tourist spot in London that you must try is the Big Ben clock tower or the original name "Elizabeth Tower" (one of the landmarks). It is located at the end of the Palace of Westminster, an old building that is over 150 years old. Nicknamed Big Ben because the size of the bell is very large, weighing up to 13 tons. Wow fantastic!!!

Big Ben Clock Tower has a unique and classic design, so many tourists come to take pictures at this famous tourist spot in London. No wonder it is always crowded with visitors, especially when the New Year's celebration arrives. As the center of the entertainment stage to commemorate the turn of the year with fireworks that are so lively.

3. | London Eye


Located in the heart of London, on the banks of the Tames River, Jubilee Gardens makes this one of the most popular tourist attractions in London visited by foreign tourists as well as local British residents from various regions. The London Eye is a Ferris Wheel or more familiar with the name of the largest Gondala in England, once held the status of the largest in the world before being overtaken by Dainkanransha in Palette Town Odaiba, Japan, Tempozan Ferris, Osaka, Japan and Cosmo Clock, Yokohama, Japan.

With its location in the city center, the London Eye is one of the most popular tourist attractions in London, especially for teenagers and children or couples who are romantically involved. There are also many other objects near the London Eye, such as Big Ban and Westminster Palace. This 135 meter high Ferris wheel has the official name "Energy London Eye (EDF)", the total number of visitors every year reaches 3.5 million people. This tourist spot can be your main destination when you stop in the city with the nickname "The Big Smoke".

4. | Westminster Palace, London


The fourth tourist spot in London that is selling well by tourists is Westminster Palace (Houses of Parliament). A historic building as well as the seat of government of the United Kingdom (UK), where the 2 British royal government assemblies meet, namely the House of Lords and the House of Commons (Hous of Comon).

Its position is on Westminster Bridge Road, City of Westminster, London. This exotic building was once the residence of the British royal family which was built in the 11th century, the architecture is also medieval style. In 1512 and 1834 there was a fire, so it was badly damaged. After renovations were carried out, the function of this building was then used as the Parliament building.

This unique and magnificent building is the main attraction for foreign tourists, besides getting to know British history, visitors come to just take pictures or enter it to enjoy this tourist spot in London.

5. | Madame Tussauds, London


The next famous tourist spot in London is the Wax Museum or known as Madame Tussauds. Interesting fact is the world's first wax museum. Madame Tussauds was built in 1884 by Marie Tussaud, then several wax museums were later established in big cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Hong Kong, Bangkok, etc. All are branches of this first wax museum built.

The collections contained in Madame Tssauds are wax statues of world famous figures whose quality is certainly very similar to the original. Statues of famous figures include world leaders, scientists, athletes, musicians, artists, artists, and of course the British royal family. Many visitors come to take pictures with these unique and similar statues.

6. | Buckingham Palace, London


Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Queen of England in London. Apart from being the residence of the Queen, this Palace is also the administrative headquarters of the kingdom. The location of Buckingham Palace is between Green Park and St James Park, more precisely at the end of The Mall, City of Westminster, London.

Buckingham Palace itself is one of the famous tourist attractions in London that you must visit while visiting this city. You can enter to see the luxurious rooms in this palace. To enter the palace, you will be charged an entrance ticket. This palace is visited by many local and international tourists.

7. | Natural History Museum London


The seventh famous tourist spot in London that you must visit is the Natural History Museum or it can be called a natural history museum. The museum has a collection of more than 70 million specimens, this is what makes this museum a famous research center and the largest natural history museum in the world.

The building used as the Natural History Museum is very unique, namely the Romanesque architectural style. The walls are also very unique with a brick interior. The facilities around the Natural History Museum are very complete, ranging from restaurants, cafes and shops selling souvenirs, all of which are here.

The Natural History Museum has become a famous and popular tourist spot in the city of London because visitors who come are absolutely free of charge, eyebrows are free. In addition to the many collections that are useful for research, these factors make the museum visited by many foreign tourists.

8. | Trafalgar Square, London


Trafalgar Square is one of the places where people gather or can be called a hangout place in the famous and popular city of London, so many local and foreign tourists gather here. This hangout area is very wide, so it can accommodate a large crowd of people. What's so interesting about this tourist spot in London? Visitors can see several fountains that can refresh the eyes.

Historically, this tourist spot has been around since 1800. Apart from being clean, the location of Trafalgar Square is very easy for tourists to visit. Tourists can take public transportation in the form of buses to go to this one tourist spot.

9. | Portobello Road Makket, London


Portobello Road Makket is the center for sellers of antiques or antiques in the City of London. If you are not an antique hobbyist, then you can just look at the collection of antiques that are here. For those who are interested in visiting it, the location of this place is in the Nothing Hill area, London.

10. | Hamton Court Palace


Hamton Court Palace is one of the tourist attractions in London in the form of a historic building located at Hampton Court, London Stadium, England. Based on its history, this building was built in 1515. What's so interesting about this building? Visitors can see the splendor of this classic and historic old building. The cost to enter the Palace is 14 Euros, if it is broken it is around Rp. 190,000. In addition to seeing the splendor of this building, visitors can also tour the gardens around the Palace.

11. | Convent Garden, London


Need a place to shop? then please visit Covent Garden. One of the shopping attractions in London that you must visit is Covent Garden. What can you buy at this place? the goods traded here are goods with upscale eyebrow brands, ranging from jewelry, shoes, bags, perfumes and clothes you can find at the Convent Garden.

Apart from being a shopping destination in London, Convent Garden is also famous for its culinary tourism. You can enjoy the food ordered at the restaurant or cafe in the Hall. There you can also enjoy entertainment from street musicians who play classical musical instruments.

12. | Queen Mary's Garden, London


The next famous tourist spot in London is the rose garden or its real name is Queen Mary's Garden. One of the romantic tours in London is located in the Regent Park area. What's interesting about this park is that you can see more than 12 thousand types and shapes of roses and one special type of rose called Royal Park Rose.

It took the right time to visit one of these tourist attractions in London. You can see the roses blooming in early June. One of the things that makes visitors feel at home while in this tourist attraction in London is the existence of several supporting facilities such as cafes. You can enjoy the beautiful view of roses while sitting with your partner from the cafe.

Thus information about the famous tourist attractions in London that must be visited. Hopefully useful for readers.

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