10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Indonesia that You Must Visit

The beach is one of the most favorite natural scenery in Indonesia. You see, besides being beautiful, the beach is also a place to calm down while enjoying the waves and the breeze. Indonesia is a country that has many beautiful beaches. Here are the 10 most beautiful beaches in Indonesia that you must visit.


Komodo Island is famous for its original animal of the same name. Deliberately given that name because the Komodo dragon is an ancient animal that is still left today and only exists in East Nusa Tenggara. Not only the Komodo dragons there, but also Pink Beach which will amaze you with the clear sea water and pink sand along the beach.

The sand can be pink because the color comes from coral debris and other biota that are carried by currents to the mainland and mix with beach sand. Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of Pink Beach, you can also snorkel or dive.


Nihiwatu Beach is ranked 17th on CNN World's 100 Best Beaches In The World. You see, this beach has white sand, super clear sea water, and what attracts tourists the most is the view of the super beautiful sunset. Some of the activities you can do here include diving, surfing, enjoying the sunset, or joining the locals to catch octopus and crabs.

To go to Sumba, tourists usually transit first in Bali, then take another small plane for two hours to go to Sumba.


Derawan Beach, East Kalimantan is ranked 63rd in CNN World's 100 Best Beaches In The World. You see, the beach is very clean and there is almost no trash. The beach sand is also white, soft, and the water is very clear. You can enjoy the beauty of Derawan Beach while diving or snorkeling. In addition, you can also swim with hordes of turtles, rays, and jellyfish.

To get to Derawan Beach, you can transit first in Balikpapan City.


Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air are the three beaches in Lombok which are very famous among tourists because of their exoticism. Of the three beaches, Gili Trawangan is the widest. A popular activity that is usually done on Gili Trawangan is scuba diving. For beginners, you can also scuba dive because there are many qualified instructors. Tourists can also snorkel on the northeastern beach, kayak, surf, and play with turtles. There are also facilities for learning horse riding while circling the island.

Gili Air is the beach closest to the city of Lombok and has the largest population than the other two Gilis. It's not too crowded, but not too quiet either. Gili Air has calm waves, so you can use it to explore underwater conditions. You can find various types of fish that huddle among rocks, coral reefs, and seaweed under the sea.

Meanwhile, Gili Meno is the smallest and quietest beach. Suitable for those of you who want to calm down from the bustle of the big city, especially since this beach is indeed the quietest, when compared to Gili Air and Gili Trawangan. In fact, this beach is the most beautiful and the sea water is the clearest, you know! You can walk quietly around Gili Meno because there are no motorized vehicles at all. The quality of the cleanliness of the air is clearly not in doubt.

To go to the three Gilis above, of course you have to transit first in the city of Lombok.


It can be said that Ora Beach is a hidden paradise in Central Maluku. The beauty of Ora Beach is similar to Boracay Beach in the Philippines or Bora-Bora Beach in the Pacific Ocean. The charm of Ora Beach is the super clear sea water, so you can directly enjoy the beauty of the corals and the underwater world from the boat. When night falls, you can enjoy the beautiful stars in the sky from the pier.

To get to Ora Beach, you can transit first in Ambon City.


Sawarna Beach offers a beautiful view of the rows of coconut trees and the clear sea water of the Indian Ocean. Sawarna Beach is located in Sawarna Tourism Village, Banten and has white sand that contrasts with the blue sky and sea. The waves on this beach are perfect for surfing. The waves at Sawarna Beach have been sampled by surfers from America, Australia, Japan, and Korea.

To get to Sawarna Beach, you can transit first in Jakarta and then drive to Banten.


The beauty of Belitung Island has been exposed since the film Laskar Pelangi. Although this island is famous for white pepper and mineral C type mining, such as white tin, quartz sand, white clay (kaolin), and granite stones, this island has a super beautiful beach beauty. The beaches on Belitung Island are characterized by large granite stones, soft snow white sand, and super clear blue sea water.


Tanjung Bira is located in Bulukumba Regency. The distance from Makassar is about 200 km or is at the southernmost tip of mainland South Sulawesi. Tanjung Bira is known for its white sand which is like powder. The underwater world is also no less beautiful when compared to other places. The view at dusk is no less beautiful. The color gradation of the sky and the dim light of the sunset there can make tourists lulled.


Pandawa Beach is one of the secluded beaches in Bali and has the nickname The Secret Beach. Located in Kutuh Village, south of Bali, this beach is hidden behind high cliffs and bushes. It is called a secret beach because the road to get to this beach is relatively difficult to access.

Pandawa Beach has snow-white sand and clear sea water. Here, you will be pampered by water sports such as canoeing and paragliding. You can also swim in the clear sea water. If you come here in March, you can enjoy a cultural parade held by Hindus and Buddhists.


Tomini Bay is located in North Sulawesi. Because of its location not far from the equator or the equator, this beach is the right place to enjoy relaxing time by sunbathing. In the morning, you can enjoy the sunrise then see the fishermen returning from sailing. You can also do diving to see the diversity of unspoiled marine life. Around there are also many restaurants that provide fresh seafood dishes.

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