Getting to know Cappadocia Tourist Attractions

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - The tourist spot located in Turkey is starting to be talked about by netizens after previously appearing in the Disconnected Kites series.

As is known, the series from Layangan Putus, played by actors Reza Rahardian and Putri Marino, is a favorite of netizens.

Every episode of the Layangan Putus series, which is adapted from a true story, is eagerly awaited by the audience.

In the seventh episode, Putri Marino, who plays Kinan, was surprised by a decision by Reza Rahardian, who plays Mas Aris, who chose to go to Cappadocia with his mistress.

Even though this place was a place that Kinan had dreamed of and made a deep impression on him.

Seeing this scene, the audience was led along with Kinan's emotions. Then what is there in Cappadocia and what kind of tourist attractions are being talked about?

Cappadocia is one of the popular tourist attractions in Turkey.

This tourist spot is precisely located in an ancient area in the East Anatolia region in Turkey which is located at the northern tip of Mount Taurus.

What makes this place very famous for its rocky views of the volcano and dozens of hot air balloons flying.

Hot air balloon tourism in Cappadocia has also become a very famous attraction to all parts of the world.

But not only that, tours in Cappadocia also include stretches of soft volcanic rock, complex underground tunnels from the Byzantine and Islamic eras, to stone churches that have buildings with interesting architecture.

A very famous tour in Cappadocia itself is the Hot Air Balloon. To be able to enjoy this one activity, visitors can come directly to Goreme National Park to be able to see the very beautiful scenery.

Hot air balloon is one of the prima donna tours in the city of Cappadocia and will offer its visitors to see the various beauty of volcaniclastic rocks from a height of up to 40 meters.

In addition, enjoying the sunset from Uchisar Castle is also one of the targets of visitors who go there.

The castle was successfully built on a rock that rises 60 meters above the settlement below.

The area around Uchisar Castle is also filled with various types of fairy chimney rock formations which are really very popular in this city.

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