Enjoying Cultural Arts on the island of Bali

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - The island of Bali is an exotic island in the middle of Indonesia. There are many things that make Bali known to foreign countries and one of them is because of its culture.

In addition to enjoying the natural beauty and various modern tourist objects available on this island, tourists are also treated to a very unique and exotic cultural wealth typical of the island of Bali.

Many cultural actors on this island add to the attractiveness of Bali in the eyes of foreign tourists and local tourists. So if you visit the island of Bali, don't miss to see some Balinese cultural tours that you definitely won't find anywhere else.

To see Balinese art and culture, you don't have to bother coming to a special area because art and culture have become everyday life for Balinese people. Some even say that Balinese are born with very thick artist blood.

This is evidenced by the many performance locations in Bali as well as the many handicrafts made directly by Balinese people. The following are some traditional and modern arts that you should not miss when visiting Bali:

Kecak Dance and Fire Dance in Pecatu

Kecak is a traditional Balinese art that has become an icon of this island of the gods. Kecak dance is a traditional art that you must see if you visit the island of the gods.

One of the most recommended locations to watch the Kecak dance is in the Pecatu area. The Kecak dance is a traditional Balinese dance performed by a group of men who sing traditional chants while dancing to certain movements. Uluwatu, which is one of the beautiful locations in Bali, is the perfect place to enjoy the sacred Kecak dance.

Legong of Mahabharata

The next Balinese cultural tour that you should not miss is the Legong of Mahabharata which is staged in Ubud. Every Sunday usually the dancers will gather at the Ubud Palace and dance together. The Mahabharata dance itself tells the story of the most famous ancient epic between the Pandavas and the Kauravas.

Legong dance itself is a traditional Balinese dance which in ancient times was performed in front of kings. If you are visiting Bali, don't miss this very interesting show.

Barong Dance

Barong Dance is a Balinese cultural tourism performance that you should not miss. Just like the Kecak dance, this barong dance is one of the traditional arts that has become an icon of Bali. Barong dance tells about the feud between good and evil. In this dance, you will be treated to an eternal battle between the barong which represents goodness and the leak which is a symbol of evil.

In the middle of the performance, you will usually be treated to an immunity show known as the keris dance. Men would demonstrate their immunity by trying to stab and slice their bodies with a kris.

This show reminds us a little of Debus from Banten. One of the best locations to watch the barong dance is in Batubulan.

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