5 Most Beautiful Tourist Places in the World Shaped by Nature

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM -  Every part of the world has its own leading tourist destinations. Both those that are formed naturally without human intervention, or the result of the creativity of local residents to improve their regional tourism sector. This is reasonable considering that tourism is the best foreign exchange for a country under oil found in certain areas.

The Most Beautiful Natural Exotic Tourist Destinations in the World

But nothing can beat the beauty of a naturally formed tourist destination. Especially in the morning, nature lovers and photography connoisseurs. Nature tourism, which in the process does not interfere with the role of humans, naturally has the ability to relax visitors who come. Here is a list of the five most beautiful tourist destinations in the world:

1. Beachy Head, England

Located in East Sussex, England, this natural tourist spot is a white limestone cliff that has a height of 165 meters above sea level. Covered by green meadows and beneath the blue sea, this cliff view will not be found anywhere else.

It is estimated that it was formed 66 million years ago, tourists can not only enjoy the panorama here, but also feel the sensation of traveling around using a rented helicopter with a price of only one million rupiah per hour, relatively very cheap. Unfortunately, this beautiful tourist location is often misused as a place of suicide.

2. Crystalline Turquoise Lake, China

Although China is currently ranked first in environmental issues, the country still has a tourist destination that is included in the list of the most beautiful in the world, namely Crystalline Turquoise Lake located in Jiuzhaigou National Park. This one tour is in the form of a lake that can only be photographed without being touched in order to protect its sustainability.

Not only clear, this lake also has a water surface that sparkles like crystal, which inspired the lake's name. Since 1992, this lake has been included in a UNESCO nature reserve, then included in a world biosphere reserve in 1997. Crystallline Turquoise Lake is believed to be the clearest spring in China.

3. Aogashima Volcano, Japan

An active volcanic mountain, simply the description is the right one to describe Aograshima Volcano which is included in the Izu Islands region, Japan. However, Aogashima Volcano is more than that. Its unique shape resembling an inverted pudding bowl is its main charm that attracts tourists to visit. The island can be reached by ferry or helicopter.

There, tourists can swim on the beaches around the island and also climb mountains. Meanwhile, around the crater of the mountain, there is a public sauna from the crater's natural hot steam source. In fact, despite being one of the most beautiful natural tourist destinations in the world, Aograshima Volcano is still dangerous and requires careful preparation to visit.

4. Antelope Canyon, United States of America

Located in Arizona, United States, Antelope Canyon is in the canyon area, or the confluence of two steep cliffs and is shaped like a valley. The area is formed from the erosion of sandstone by wind and water, as well as flash floods. Completely naturally processed and form exotic faults of the earth.

5. Love Tunnel, Ukraina

This unique and very beautiful tunnel is located in Klevan, Ukraine. Previously it was a railroad or rail line, but now it has been covered with green vines that envelop the entire tunnel so that it is called the tunnel of love. It is said that the couple who pass through this five kilometer long tunnel will last until the end of their lives.

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