4 Tourist Destinations in Raja Ampat

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - The underwater beauty of Raja Ampat does not need to be doubted. Here you will also get an unforgettable snorkeling experience. As a result, Raja Ampat has become a popular destination for many local and foreign tourists.

For those who visit Raja Ampat and want to know what's going on, Here are some places to see: Your trip will be more enjoyable and memorable.

1. Misool Island

This is one of the most interesting places to visit in Raja Ampat. Misool Island is one of the four largest islands in Raja Ampat. The island offers beautiful scenery and stunning views. So it's a shame if you don't take the time to visit this Misool Island.

Enjoy the island's unique beaches and marine parks. For example, if you want to see turtles in person, you can visit the pond which is in the same area as this beach. Beautiful water lilies are non-toxic and safe. There is a beautiful mangrove forest around the beach.

You can do various interesting activities on this island. From diving to snorkeling. The underwater beauty around Misool Island makes your diving activity even more enjoyable. Ask your planner to find out where the best snorkeling or scuba diving spots are.

Diving with sea creatures on Misool Island is also available on this island. You can see turtles from another reef which is 25 meters from the reef.

2. Star Lagoon

Another not to be missed place outside Misool Island is the Star Lagoon. With the same name, you can see very clear star-shaped water here. This unique star shape is popular in the Star Lagoon.

Get a clear view of the Star Lagoon. You have to climb the mountain first. This mountain climbing activity requires more effort. Tired but the beauty of the Star Lagoon at the top of the mountain will instantly disappear. When you climb the mountain, you will feel the cool air. The bushes and trees around the island provide a cool breeze.

The water in the Star Lagoon is crystal clear and you can enjoy stunning views of the sea creatures. The water is very hot so your snorkeling activity will be more enjoyable. However, please note that you must bring your own snorkeling equipment. This site does not offer snorkeling equipment rental services that you can rent.

There is nothing wrong with using Guide Services for those who have difficulty accessing Star Lagoon. This guide service will allow you to fully enjoy every corner of the pool.

3. Batu Pensil

Kanji Bay is your place. This bay is often used as a place for diving and snorkeling. In this direction, you will find many interesting places. One of them is the Pencil Stone.

As the name suggests, this stone is shaped like a pencil. This stone has a very high and sharp shape. Called Pencil Stone because of its straight shape. You can see the location of this rock in the middle of Kabui Bay. Don't forget to take a picture in front of this pencil to complete your visit to Kabui Bay.

The location of Batu Pensil makes Kabui Bay increasingly popular and a tourist destination. But if you intend to visit this place, you must be prepared to look for scattered skull bones.

Skull bones can be found around the cave. But for those who are not ready to see the skull bones, don't get too close to the cave on the edge of the island. The existence of this skull scares the island and makes it mysterious.

This route is a popular part of Kabui Bay for divers. In fact, this narrow strip is arguably one of the best diving spots in Raja Ampat. For those who can't dive. Sit on the boat and enjoy the underwater beauty of the Passage area. The water is clear, so you can easily enjoy the beauty of marine life without having to dive right away.

4. Wayag

This trip is often referred to as the paradise of Raja Ampat. But the natural beauty of Wayag and its clear waters can definitely spoil your eyes. There are many more beautiful Kars clusters around Wayag. Not suprisingly. Wayag is a popular tourist destination.

I have to climb two mountains. The two peaks have different heights. If you intend to climb both peaks at once, it's best to arrive at Wayag in the morning. If you have to choose between two mountains, the highest mountain is the choice of travelers. You can swim on the beach with blue water at the top of this mountain.

Another activity not to be missed while in Wayag is swimming with the sharks. The reason is the Wayag area has a variety of black sharks that can swim freely here and there.

Yes, some people think this is an exaggeration. But trust me. This swimming shark is completely safe. However, sharks still have a strong sensation in human blood. Make sure you don't get hurt while swimming with these sharks.

The presence of this shark is not without reason. For the local community; Little sharks are actually used as pets. Then you can swim freely with the sharks.

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