11 Tourist Attractions in Thailand that You Must Visit


INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent years, Thailand has indeed been widely known by world travel lovers. Not only known in the Asian region, but the country dubbed the "White Elephant" is also so popular to various other countries outside Asia. The number of tourists who come certainly does not need to be doubted, considering that this country does have a variety of promising tourist destinations to visit.

Not only is the city area known as a center of trade and shopping, Thailand also has many other interesting areas to visit. If you intend to travel abroad, then there is nothing wrong with visiting a country known for its beaches and beautiful scenery.

Not only that, a variety of famous Thai culinary delights are also certainly very interesting to taste. You can enjoy a variety of the best culinary and also interesting destinations that are popular and have been visited by many in this country. Immediately arrange your travel schedule and choose the most appropriate tourist destination for you to visit in this country, so you can enjoy traveling that is different from usual.

Check out the following 11 selected tourist destinations, which are fun and you must visit when you visit Thailand:

1. | Phuket


Being one of the tourist icons in Thailand, Phuket is very popular and has been widely known by the world community. This one destination is often used as one of the main destinations on a trip to Thailand, especially by those who have a fairly long vacation time. This one tourist destination will be very suitable for those who like beach and sea tourism.

Phuket is a beautiful island that has white sandy beaches and clean. The sea is so calm and will make you comfortable when playing on the beach and the white sand. You can enjoy the calm and beautiful atmosphere on this island which also has delicious cuisine. When visiting Thailand, be sure to spend a day or two on this beautiful Island.

2. | The Grand Palace


For those who like historical tourism, this one destination is certainly one that you must visit while in Thailand. The Grand Palace is an old building that has various relics of Thai history. So rich and unique, in this place you will be treated to views that are second to none.

This location consists of various parts, including: temples, interesting crypts containing a labyrinth of halls from Thailand's past kingdoms, various historical relics, and beautiful architecture. You will see the rich culture and also the glory of this country in the past in ancient architecture that is so beautiful and amazing.

3. | What Arun


One more historical destination that you should not miss when visiting Thailand is Wat Arun. This building is one of the oldest temples in the country, so it is full of ancient and interesting architecture.

Wat Arun offers beautiful views, especially at night. This beautiful temple which is only a short distance from The Grand Palace, you can visit on foot from the ancient royal building. Save time and money, you can enjoy these two tourist destinations at once.

4. | Krabi


For those who like nature and sea tourism, Krabi will be a mandatory destination that you visit while in Thailand. This beautiful island will spoil you with exotic views that are second to none.

Not only the island of Krabi, but the cluster of small islands around it are no less beautiful and will make your holiday trip even more memorable and enjoyable. Panorama of the sea with the beauty of a quiet island, will give a different holiday feel than usual.

5. | Sung Nong Nooch


Located in the Pattaya area, this beautiful park will present a very unique and different panorama for you. Not only by local residents, this one tourist destination is even so popular and well-liked by foreign tourists visiting Thailand. So it is not surprising, if in the end this area became one of the most beautiful parks in the world.

This tourist destination has a beautiful and cool panorama, complete with views that are second to none. Here, you will feel comfortable and calm, because this location already has a variety of complete facilities for tourists who come. Nong Nooch has various adequate supporting facilities, such as: lodging, zoo, swimming pool, various delicious culinary delights, souvenir center, and others.

6. | Railay Beach


Another beautiful beach that you must visit in Thailand, Railay is an exotic beach so beautiful. You will enjoy absolutely clear sea water in this area, complemented by clean white sand along the shoreline. All of this will certainly give you a comfortable feel in your vacation.

Not only that, in this place you can also enjoy the sport of rock climbing which is exciting and stressful. With an incredibly beautiful backdrop, this sport is definitely worth a try, right?

7. | Chatuchak Weekend Market


This one tourist destination is perfect for those who like shopping. This location is one of the cheapest shopping centers in Thailand, so it's a shame if you miss it. At Chatuchak Weekend Market, there are various unique and interesting items at low prices, including various souvenirs. You can also bargain with the merchants there, so that the price of groceries will be even cheaper later.

8. | Pattaya


This beautiful beach is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand. You can enjoy a variety of culinary and entertainment along this beach, even at night even though the beach is still crowded with visitors. You also don't need to worry when visiting this location, because Pattaya has a lot of lodging options offered at a fairly cheap price for tourists.

9. | Phu Thok


If you want to enjoy the panoramic views of the mountains, then Phu Thok is a must-visit destination when you visit Thailand. This location is a mountainous area with a comfortable and cool feel.

To reach this location, you must have enough courage, because Phu Thok is on the side of a cliff with a fairly steep slope. But this is certainly comparable to all the beauty that this cold place has to offer.

10. | Chiang Mai


Another cheap shopping center that must be visited while in Thailand, Chiang Mai is a popular location among tourists visiting the country. Here, you can also enjoy a variety of delicious Thai cuisine, including shopping for various cheap items that you can buy with a bargaining system.

No need to worry and rush when shopping, this area is open from 5 am to midnight, so you have a very long time to visit every corner.

11. | Galactic Peak, Kanchanaburi


For those who like adventure in hilly areas and enjoy the warm sunshine, then this area will be the right choice. Kanchanaburi is a beautiful hilly area and has a cool panorama and is still so clean. You will have a comfortable and quiet vacation time in this one location.

Plan and Choose the Right Destination

Thailand is one of the countries in Asia that is rich with a variety of tourist destinations to choose from. In this country, you can choose one or even several tourist destinations that are unique and different from usual. Plan your vacation and choose the right tourist destination, so you can enjoy the beauty of Thailand from a variety of different locations.

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