10 Tourist Attractions in Lucerne, Switzerland Shakes the Soul

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Switzerland is indeed one of the countries on the European continent that is the dream of many tourists. One of the cities in Switzerland that attracts quite a lot of attention is the city of Lucerne or Lucerne. This city has indeed become one of the tourist destinations when visiting Switzerland because it offers a series of beautiful tourist attractions. Well, for those of you who want to visit the city of Lucerne, here is a Tour in Lucerne Switzerland

1. | Lake Lucerne


The first tourist spot in Lucerne, Switzerland that must be visited is Lake Lucerne. This beautiful lake has indeed become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Switzerland.

Lake Lucerne is the fourth largest lake in Switzerland with an area of ​​2,124 square kilometers. Tourists can surround this lake by boat. Or you can also surround it by land. This lake has very clean and clear water coupled with charming natural scenery around it.

2. | Jungfraujoch


Jungfraujoch is also one of the tourist attractions in Lucerne, Switzerland which is known as the Top of Europe or the highest peak in Europe. Here you can also take a train from the highest station in Europe.

To get here, you have to travel for 9.5 hours through the Bernese Oberland then continue by taking the cogwheel train to Jungfraujoch. Here you can explore the ice castle that stretches out in front of you and the beauty of the snow covering it is stunning. You can enjoy this view from the Sphinx Observation Terrace.

3. | Mount Pilate


This tourist spot in Lucerne, Switzerland is also a pity to miss. Mount Pilatus is one of the amazing tourist spots because visitors can get the opportunity to climb and see its amazing peak.

The journey to Mount Pilatus begins with a boat ride from the shores of Lake Lucerne to Alpnachstad for about one and a half hours. Then the journey continues by riding the steepest cogwheel to reach the peak of Pilatus which reaches two thousand meters above sea level.

Although the journey to the top of this mountain is quite long, it is worth the scenery you will find there. You will see the beautiful snow-covered mountain peaks.

4. | Mount Rigi


Besides Mount Pilatus, you can also visit Mount Rigi which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lucerne, Switzerland. This 1,797-high mountain has become a favorite climbing area by tourists because the terrain is quite easy and the scenery is charming. Especially if you visit in autumn, you can see the height of the mountain peaks surrounded by fog so that it makes you feel like you are above the clouds. You can also see the Black Forest which is one of the tourist attractions in Germany as seen from here. You can go around this mountain by mountain train, cable car or on foot.

5. | Chapel Bridge


The next tourist spot in Lucerne, Switzerland that you must visit is the Chapel Bridge or often known as Kapellbrucke. This bridge is very attractive because the shape is very beautiful classic.

On this bridge there is a 43 meter high tower known as the Wasserturm or water tower. The tower is octagonal in shape and made of bricks. Formerly this tower functioned as a prison and torture chamber, but now it has functioned as a city wall and functions as an artillery association trade hall.

Interestingly, here you can enjoy views of the towering mountains behind the old city. Not only that, you can also enjoy the beauty of the Reuss River. This Chapel Bridge serves to connect the Old Town and the New Town and is specifically for pedestrians.

6. | Lucerne Old Town


From the Chapel Bridge, you can go to the Old Town of Lucerne which is also one of the tourist attractions in Lucerne, Switzerland. Exploring this old city will certainly make you happy because you can see the historical side of the city of Lucerne.

The Old Town of Lucerne is located near the River Reuss and offers views of the medieval city with some of the classic buildings that characterize the medieval building style. A row of old buildings are now functioned as shops, ranging from clothing stores, knick-knacks shops to become cafes. Besides being able to pass the beautiful Chapel Bridge, you can also visit this old city area by using the Lucerne train which can take you around this old city.

7. | Chaff Bridge


Spreuerburcke or also known as The Spreuer Bridge is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lucerne, Switzerland. The Spreuerbrucke is one of only two wooden covered bridges still in existence in the city of Lucerne.

This bridge is a medieval relic and connects one island to another. Formerly this bridge was used as a stronghold of the enemy who tried to attack the city of Lucerne. The entire building of this bridge is made of wood which makes it look even more beautiful. Moreover, the view that is served if you cross this bridge because you can see the stretch of the Reuss River and Lake Lucerne clearly.

8. | Lion Monument


Tourist attractions in Lucerne, Switzerland that you must visit next are Lowendenkmal or the Lion Monument. This monument is not only used as a tourist spot but also a historic monument for the Swiss people.

The Lion Monument was built in memory of the Swiss soldiers who had defended the Tuirleries Palace in Paris during the reformation period. The Lion sculpture on this monument was designed by Bertel Thorvalsden in 1820 and took about a year to complete. The Lion Monument is also a symbol of what has happened in Switzerland. The statue of the miserable lion is a symbol of the French monarchy. This historical monument is highly visited by tourists, especially for those who like history.

9. | Hofkirche St. Leodegar


Hofkirche St. Leodegar is a church that is quite famous in Lucerne City. This church is located on the shores of Lake Lucerne and is a Roman Catholic church built in 1633 on the ruins of the Roman Basillica.

This church has high towers that can be seen from across the lake. This church is still used as a place of worship, although tourists are also allowed to come and enjoy the beauty of the style of this church building.

10. | Swiss Transport Museum


The last tourist attraction in Lucerne, Switzerland is the Swiss Transport Museum, also known as the Verkehrshaus der Schweiz. As the name implies, this museum stores a variety of transportation collections with various types and models.

Here you can see various types of train models and miniatures on display in this museum complete with detailed information about these trains. Not only can you find trains, you can also find a three-dimensional simulator room that shows an underground tunnel through which trains pass.

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