This is the most smelly animal in the world, number 5 is used to find a partner

Musk Ox is famous for having thick fur with a strong smell.

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Some of the smelliest animals in the world seem to have their own uniqueness. Starting from their unique physical characteristics, sharp eyesight and even have a very strong smell of smell even though they are the smelliest animals.

Generally, animals that emit a bad smell or until the smell of rot is used to survive and protect themselves from threats. Here are the smelliest animals in the world

1. Skunk

Skunks are one of the mammals that are famous for the fluid that comes out when they feel threatened. The smell is very strong. This animal has two anal glands, naturally being the smelliest animal in the world.

2. Walang Sangit

This animal is a type of insect that emits a mixed odor from the chest and is the result of a mixture of a stinging chemical substance.

3. Polecat Striped

The smelliest animal in the world is similar to a skunk or a weasel. Usually they are in the Savanna area of ​​the African Sahara desert. The smell comes from the liquid feces and is used to protect themselves from predators.

4. Tasmanian Devil

This animal which has the name of the Tasmanian devil looks very fierce and his voice is scary. Uniquely, this animal has a sharp sense of smell but its body odor is very strong. Many people say it smells like death or rot.

5. Musk Ox

Musk Ox is famous for having thick fur with a strong smell. Different from the others, Musk Ox emits a scent to attract the attention of female animals during the breeding season. They are located in the Arctic regions of North America and Greenland.

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