5 Best Travel Destinations in the World

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Vacation with family, friends, or just traveling the world alone is everyone's dream. Especially if the tourist destination we are going to is the best place and is trending on social media. Let's take a look at 5 famous tourist destinations in the world!

When we hear that this place is being discussed by many people, we certainly hope to be able to visit there. So, are you currently planning a vacation? If yes, then you have done the right thing by visiting this website.

Honestly, if we look at the map, there are lots of tourist destinations in the world that you can visit. Especially we need to remember every September 27 which is used as a world tourism day, aiming to inform that there are many tourist destinations that have a myriad of best potentials. Therefore, Indonewtravel.com has summarized the five best and most popular tourist destinations in the world just for you!

Curious about anything? Let's check this out!

1. | Paris

Just imagine when you can see the Eiffel tower up close, what's the first thing you do? Maybe there are selfies, making video blogs, or just enjoying the beauty of the Eiffel Tower made of iron on the Champ de Mars, Paris.

This tourist destination is a favorite place and you must visit while on vacation to Europe. In addition, there is also the Musee du Louvre which is the largest museum in the world and the Arc de Triomphe as one of the most famous monuments in Paris.

So, among these tourist attractions in Paris, which one do you want to visit first?

2. | Rome

For pizza fans, they will be very happy if they are invited to vacation in Rome, Italy. Besides being famous for its pizza, this tourist spot also offers lots of cool places such as the Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica, Pantheon, to the Vatican museums.

Rome is also known as one of the eternal cities in Italy which is rich in historical heritage. If you are already planning a vacation to Rome, it is guaranteed that you will be stunned by the palace buildings that make Rome the best tourist destination in the world.

3. | Dubai

For those of you who like luxury holidays, you can really make Dubai one of the target tourist destinations that you must visit this year. You will find lots of luxury places, such as the Burj Al Arab, Burk Khalifa, to the Dubai Mall.

Apart from that, a must-visit tourist spot when in Dubai is Palm Jumeirah which is a dream island for all tourists.

4. | London

It turns out that apart from Dubai, London also offers classy tourist attractions! If you want to visit tourist destinations in London, it is necessary and absolutely mandatory to take pictures at Tower Bridge which is very romantic, classic, and historic.

After taking pictures at Tower Bridge, you should also visit Big Ben and the London Eye to enjoy the beauty of London from the top of the largest Ferris wheel or Ferris wheel in Europe.

5. | Bali

If we talk about the best of the best tourist attractions in the world, then the answer is Bali! In 2020,  Bali was awarded as the best travel destination in Asia by Tripadvisor, which is the largest travel platform in the world.

In addition, Bali has also received an award as the best destination of the year at the 2019 TTG (Travel Trade Gazette) Award. Wow, that's interesting! For those of you who have never visited Bali, it is absolutely mandatory to come to Bali, which is in the country of Indonesia.

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