Kim Jong-un Focuses on Economic Growth in 2022 Speech

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un talked a lot about food and economic growth in his year-end speech regarding the next 5-year policy.

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM -- North Korean leader Kim Jong-un discussed food and economic growth issues in his year-end address on the next five-year policy on Friday, (12/31). He did not mention much about nuclear or the United States.

Kim said North Korea's main goal in 2022 is to start economic development and improve people's welfare.

"(because) Facing life and death is extraordinary," Kim said in a speech at the end of the 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) as quoted by Reuters.

The focus of Kim's speech underlined the economic problems facing North Korea. The country is currently in the midst of a food crisis due to the super tight regional closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic and natural disasters.

"The main task facing our Party and our people next year is to provide definite assurances regarding the five-year implementation plan and bring about extraordinary changes in the country's development and people's living standards," Kim was quoted as saying by North Korean state media.

Most of Kim's speeches were about domestic matters. From rural development to community diets, school uniforms, and measures for non-socialist practices.

The policy has drawn criticism from the founder of NK News, a website based in South Korea, Chad O'Carroll. He assesses the idea of ​​rural development as a possible populist strategy.

"Overall, Kim may be aware that revealing his sophisticated military development plans while people are suffering from food shortages and conditions outside Pyongyang may not be a good idea this year," O'Carroll said on Twitter.

North Korean state media reports shed light on the development of ultramodern weapons one by one, which was described as a major achievement last year.

According to the report, Kim also called for strengthening national defense to deal with the unstable international situation.

The North Korean leader also mentioned tractor factories, school uniforms and hopes for economic growth.

The tractor factory, alluded to in Kim's speech, may be used to build missile launch vehicles, foreign analysts say.

Even in this speech, Kim did not mention in detail about the United States. He only said "external affairs" in reference to inter-Korean talks with the United States.

North Korea has previously said it is open to diplomacy. However, America's offer looks empty, while military exercises and sanctions continue.

North Korea has previously said it is open to diplomacy. However, America's offer looks empty, while military exercises and sanctions continue.

In a speech around the previous New Year, Kim laid out the main policies he was drafting. One of them is launching significant diplomatic engagements with South Korea and the United States.

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