10 Most Beautiful Rivers in the World

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - During the long weekend, where have you been on vacation? If you have the opportunity and of course the budget, multiply the picnic so that you will open up your horizons to those around you. Many picnics can nourish your soul to be away from the drama of life that is not important.

If all this time your picnic destination is still mainstream, then it's time for you to start trying new destinations for vacation. Visiting the river could be an option.

Eits, when you hear the word river, don't immediately think of the time with brown water and puddles of garbage, you know. Many amazing rivers are scattered in various countries, such as the following

1. | Irrawaddy River, Burma

Not just a tourist visit, the Irrawaddy River has even become the most impressive river in Burma. This river is a driving force for the community's economy.

2. | Rhine River, Switzerland

Having a length of 1,230 kilometers, this best river in Europe should be on the list of destinations, really. Even this river is a witness to the history of European civilization.

3. | Nile, Egypt

Rich with a history of civilization, the Nile River has the largest tourist arrivals in the world. This longest river will present such a beautiful view. From the Nile, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset like on the beach.

4. | Danube River, Romania

If you go to Romania, it is not difficult to find a river that runs in the middle of the city. The second longest river in Europe is through 10 countries at once. Among them are Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, Ukraine, and several other European countries.

5. | Douro River, Portugal

The Douro River is one of the phenomenal tourist destinations in Portugal. A little away from the city atmosphere, you can't miss the beautiful mountains with a calm river flow.

6. | Neretva River, Bosnia

Not so wide with clear water, the Naretva River has managed to captivate tourists. You have to visit the clearest river in Bosnia.

7. | River Spree, Germany

Just enjoying the breeze on the banks of the Spree river, Germany, has become such a pleasant vacation. By adding a little budget, you can join a tour boat that will take you around the river.

8. | Kenai River, Alaska

Visiting Alaska, then you can't miss the Kenai River. This place is very good to visit in spring. You will also be presented with a beautiful expanse of nature and a wealth of fauna around it.

9. | Amazon River, United States

Discussing the river, then we should not miss the beauty of the Amazon River in South America. The river that empties into the Pacific Ocean is one of the most challenging tourist visits.

10. | Kampar River, Indonesia

This river, which is located in West Sumatra, Indonesia, is one of the most unique rivers and is hunted by tourists. If most rivers have calm water flows, this one river is different from the waves as high as 7-10 meters. In fact, surfing can be done in this river like on the beach.

The row of rivers above can be included in your list of visits while on vacation, so it's anti-mainstream.

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