The Origin of the Christmas Tree Tradition

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Approaching the end of the year, Christians around the world will celebrate Christmas which falls on December 25. Christmas Day is synonymous with beautiful decorations, especially Christmas trees of various sizes – from a single table to a height of 20 meters.

When it comes to Christmas trees, where did this iconic tree actually come from? Why decorate this cone tree can be so popular done by many people around the world?

Reporting from History, the tradition of decorating trees, especially using fir trees, has existed since the pyramids in Egypt. Approaching the turn of the year, Egyptians would decorate their homes with cypress trees, wreath (leaves in a circle), to ward off demons.

However, the modern Christmas tree is believed to have been popularized for the first time in Germany. And in the 16th century the hero of the Christian reformation, Martin Luther King, first popularized the use of lights to decorate Christmas trees. While the discovery of the first recorded Christmas tree was located in a house in Turckheim, Germany, in 1576.

These are some of the beauties of a Christmas tree
The inclusion of the Christmas tree tradition in some areas also has its own origins. In Georgia, the Christmas tree is known as Chichilaki and is made of hazelnut/walnut twigs strung together into a tree. Georgians believe Chicilaki is shaped like the beard of Saint Basil, the figure better known as Santa Claus in the US.

In England, the Christmas tree is believed to have been introduced for the first time by Charlotte, wife of George III, at a party for children in 1800. However, the Christmas tree was only popularly followed by British society when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1941. But from the journal history, Victoria wrote since 1832 she had celebrated Christmas with tree decorations.
While in Canada, the tradition of the Christmas tree was introduced for the first time by German soldiers in Quebec. General Friedrich Adolf Riediesel and his wife had a party in Sorel with a giant Christmas tree, and the tradition has since spread in North America.

In the US, although it is currently the most festive and intensive country in celebrating Christmas with beautiful decorations, Christmas trees only became popular in the early 19th century. The first recorded picture of a Christmas tree in the US was taken by Hermann Bokum in an article entitled The Strangers Gift.
In this era, Christmas tree decorations have become more varied. In 1882, Edward Johnson patented the first electric Christmas tree which further popularized Christmas tree lights today. Since then, the Christmas tree is no longer just simply decorated, but enlivened with colorful lights.

Currently, the Christmas tree is decorated with various kinds of ornaments. From small figurines to cotton swabs to give the effect of snow on trees. Various places are competing to make the tallest Christmas tree. Until now, no one has beaten the record of a Christmas tree as high as 85 meters which was set at Christmas 2007 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

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