Lembang Wonderland, a Fun and Fun Tour

TOURISM LEMBANG – Lembang is a must-visit tourist area when you come to Bandung. Because in Lembang there are many cool and fun tourist attractions that are a shame if you miss it.
Discussing tourist attractions in Lembang is never ending, because Lembang is a tourist destination that is targeted by tourists. So when you hear the name Lembang, what is implied in your mind is that it is a complete tourist spot.

I myself never get tired of discussing and reviewing Lembang tourist attractions in the form of articles. A place that must be discussed and provide knowledge to those of you who are looking for information on tourist attractions in Lembang Bandung.

Want a fun and fairly exciting trip? There is a Bandung tourist destination that you must point to if you don't know, namely Lembang Wonderland. Tourist attractions that give a sense of cool when visiting with friends or family.

Attraction and Excitement in Lembang Wonderland

For those of you who have small children, brothers, sisters, or cousins, this is perfect for taking them to Lembang Wonderland. The theme presented by the manager is quite captivating to the visitors, the place is very potogenic and quite instagramable.

This tourist spot carries the concept of leisure tourism, educational tourism, photo spot areas and exciting playgrounds. Another exciting sensation when the afternoon is approaching night, the colorful lights in this Lembang tour will amaze you with its beauty. Even a glimpse will not feel in the valley, maybe you will feel like in a disney story.

The fun of playing in Lembang Wonderland is supported by exciting rides, such as: Snow Village, Sweet Field, Magic Forest, Ice Cream Park.

Snow Village

The cold and fresh atmosphere can even be likened to you being at the north pole. In Snow Village, there are ice cliffs, igloo houses, wildebeest and penguins that will give you an interesting sensation.

The snow falling on this vehicle is like you are enjoying the snow season abroad. There is a time for snow in this wonderland valley, which will fall every 2 hours.

Sweet Field

Sweet Field rides are more designed for children, this place can increase children's imagination.

Because it was created more for children, this place is designed with a variety of things that smell with small children. Such as hanging balloons, chocolate pools, ball rivers, unique buildings like in the dwarf movie.

Besides that, Sweet Field is very instagramable for photos. It's a shame if you visit here but don't capture the moment in a photo or video.

Magic Forest

Magic Forest is no less interesting. This place can emit dew during the day and give off light at night which is certainly very unique.

Unique wooden trees and wooden house buildings are designed very instagramable which makes the fun of visiting here even more exciting.

When the lights are on, the light that comes out is so beautiful. Even the floor with colorful designs makes you feel at home here.

Ice Cream Park

Here, visitors can enjoy playing with green grass and jumbo-sized ice cream statues.

The giant ice cream melt provides a cool playing atmosphere. In this ice cream park there is also a beautiful mini bridge. This place is also often used as a photo spot, because it is quite impressive and it's a shame if you miss taking pictures.

To enter this ice cream park, visitors are required to wear socks. If you forget to bring it, don't worry because here are provided socks that you can buy at a price of Rp. 15,000

Facilities of Lembang Wonderland

Lembang Wonderland provides facilities for visitors to be comfortable in traveling in this interesting tourist spot. The following are the facilities of the Wonderland Lembang, including:

• Spacious Parking Area

• Food Court With Various Menu

• Mosque for Muslims

•Clean and Comfortable Toilet

Lembang Wonderland Entrance Ticket

HTM Lembang Wonderland Rp. 35.000,- very affordable price to enjoy the excitement and beauty of Lembang Wonderland tourism. The price is taken from the official Instagram account @LembangWonderland.

Lembang Wonderland Hours of Operation

This tourist spot in Lembang Bandung is open from 10.00 WIB to 21.00 WIB. To enjoy the maximum beauty and excitement, you can feel it from the afternoon towards the evening.

Address of Lembang Wonderland

If you are looking for the address of Lembang Wonderland. The location is in the Tofu Milk culinary tour of Lembang “Jl. Raya Lembang No.177, Jayagiri, Lembang, West Bandung Regency, West Java 40391"

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