High Rainfall, Several Cities in Saudi Almost Reach Freezing Point

Saudi Arabia - Several cities in Saudi Arabia have almost reached freezing point due to heavy rains.
INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Saudi Arabia has experienced heavy rainfall over the past 24 hours, triggering a drop in temperature in several cities to almost freezing point.

According to a statement by the Saudi Arabian National Meteorological Center (NCM), Al Qurayyat, Al Jouf, and Turaif, the Saudi Northern Frontier region, became the region with the lowest temperature on record in the country to below 1 degree celsius on Saturday (25/12).

Meanwhile, the temperature in the city of Tabuk reached 3 degrees Celsius, and Hail reached 5 degrees Celsius.

Al Qurayyat, Turaif and several other cities in the north typically experience sub-zero temperatures and face heavy snowfall in winter.

In a report published on Sunday (12/26), NCM said most of the provinces in Saudi Arabia will experience winter rains from Tuesday (12/28).

Quoted by Gulf News, several provinces affected include Mecca, Riyadh, Al Baha, Asir, Al-Qassim, West Province, Tabuk, Northern Border Region, Al Jouf, and Hail.

Recently, several areas in Saudi Arabia have experienced unstable weather, especially in the central and eastern regions. Not only that, several videos circulating showing heavy rain in several areas have gone viral on social media.

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