15 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in China

The Great Wall of China has become the pride of having the largest population in the world, considering the size of China which has many magnificent and beautiful tourist attractions besides The Great Wall of China.

Here are 15 tourist attractions in China that must be visited

1. | The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China, which also includes the 7 Wonders of the World, is always crowded with tourists. The wall, which was built in the Ming dynasty, is the longest wall ever made by man, where the length of this wall reaches 8,850 km. During the climb during the day you will be presented with beautiful natural scenery and at night you can feel the shining Great Wall of China. To reach the Great Wall of China you have to climb for about 1 hour, fortunately in some parts there is a cable car so you don't have to hike up and down. At the Mutianyu post you can climb the slide to go down.

2. | Forbidden City

A vacation to China is incomplete if you don't visit the Forbidden City, this palace complex which was built from the Ming Dynasty has an area of ​​72 hectares and is the residence of the king and thousands of concubines. When you enter the palace complex, you will be presented with the splendor of charming Chinese architecture. There is a Palace Museum which contains a treasure trove of cultural relics from Chinese history. The palace is recognized as one of the most important palaces in the world next to the Palace of Versailles in France, Buckingham Palace in England, the White House in the US and the Kremlin in Russia.

3. | Potala Palace

Potala is the tallest palace in the world at 4,900 km above sea level. This palace is a Buddhist holy place in Tibet and is used as a place of worship as well as the residence of the Dalai Lama. Today there are eight tombs of the Dalai Lama, hundreds of Buddhist texts, and a sacred hall dedicated to worship. If you visit this palace you are required to wear closed clothes.

4. | Temple of Heaven

The temple, which was used by the Ming and Qing Emperors to perform rituals to pay homage to the gods in order to give good harvests to their people, attracts many tourists to visit because of its splendor. There are many stunning photo spots, especially around the courtyard and the stairs leading to the main temple, the sky temple, which is where the Chinese King prayed for the harvest. This temple from the outside is in the form of a pagoda with three levels but it turns out that there is only one floor inside. In autumn, the temple has a more beautiful view, where the leaves on the hundreds of years old trees that are on the road leading to the temple begin to turn yellow and in some corners many local residents use to practice Taijiquan and Qigong.

5. | Chimelong Safari Park Guangzhou

Panda is one of the proud animals of China which you can see at the Chimelong Zoo in Guangzhou. Besides pandas you can also see about 20,000 animals from 500 species. Have a unique experience with your family by feeding and interacting directly with these animals, which of course is accompanied by a zoo keeper.

6. | Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum

It took 720,000 workers and approximately 40 years to build the tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang. This tomb was created because the Qin Emperor believed that what he had in this world he would take with him when he died. You will be amazed by the splendor of this tomb, thousands of statues of guards along with horse carriages complete with horse statues were made to guard and guard the Qin Emperor in the afterlife.

7. | Shanghai Tower

You are an adrenaline junkie so you should not miss the opportunity to set foot in the second tallest building in the world today. The Shanghai Tower was built from 2008 to 2014 and has a height of 623 meters. You will be presented with a 360-degree view of Shanghai from the observation deck on the 118th floor. In addition, you can experience the world's fastest elevator with a maximum speed of 65 km/40 miles per hour.

8. | Disneyland Hongkong

Feel the experience of visiting Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse's house with your family at Hong Kong Disneyland. This amusement park that is never empty of visitors offers a variety of rides that you can play with your family and look forward to the parade of Disney characters that you shouldn't miss. At night you can also watch the beautiful fireworks festival at Sleeping Beauty Castle.

9. | Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

This world-famous wax museum has branches in several countries, one of which is in Hong Kong. Here you will find wax statues of Mr. Jokowi and Mr. Ir Soekarno as well as other world-famous artists. The wax statues in this museum are made as closely as possible to the originals so you will feel like you are meeting the real characters.

10. | Victoria Peak

From the highest peak in Hong Kong you will see the beautiful expanse of skyscrapers and Victoria harbor. At night the scenery will be more beautiful with the sparkling lights of the city of Hong Kong. Besides being able to take pictures with the charming background of Hong Kong, tourists can also visit restaurants and shopping places in this area.

11. | Victoria Harbour

This Victoria Harbor has become one of the main tourist destinations when visiting Hong Kong because you can visit many tourist attractions in the Victoria Harbor area. Visit the Hong Kong version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame and find 100 celebrity handprints and a statue of Bruce Lee on the Avenue of Stars. Enjoy the beauty of Hong Kong from a height by riding the Hong Kong Observation Wheel and visiting the observation deck of the tallest building in Hong Kong, Sky100. At night watch the Symphony of Lights which will spoil your eyes with sensational multimedia attractions, featuring a symphony of lights from various floodlights, lasers, screens and LED lights that combine to create a spectacular night show that turns the Hong Kong skyline into an open-air audiovisual spectacle.

12. | The Venetian Macau

This famous resort and casino in Macau presents a different experience because it is designed like the city of Venice in Italy complete with artificial canals and Gondola boats. This resort has complete facilities such as hotels, casinos, shopping boutiques and restaurants so that tourists do not feel bored at this resort.

13. | A Mei Tea House

Enjoy a different tea drinking experience at A Mei Tea House accompanied by a beautiful mountain panorama and an ancient Chinese style building design that adds to the uniqueness and luxury of your tea drinking experience. Here you will also be taught how to brew the right tea to produce a delicious aroma and taste. This tea house is also the inspiration for one of the famous Japanese animated films "Spirited Away".

14. | Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market is a famous night market in Taipei, here you can shop for various items such as clothes, accessories, shoes while on a culinary tour tasting Chinese specialties such as stinky tofu.

15. | The French Concession

In this area you will find many restaurants with live music, bars and boutiques with European nuances. This area which is famous among expatriates living in Shanghai offers its own uniqueness where you will feel the fusion of Chinese and European culture in every corner of this area.

Will China be your next vacation choice? Don't forget to include these 15 must-visit tourist attractions in China into your vacation list later.

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