11 Best Countries For New Year's Holidays

New Year's Holiday Destinations - Celebrating New Year's Eve abroad is often a favorite choice to get a new atmosphere and moment. Of course there is nothing wrong if you want to visit the best places in other countries, so that your New Year's Eve is more memorable.

However, if you are still confused about choosing a country destination for the New Year's holiday, there is no need to worry. There are lots of New Year's holiday destinations abroad that can be a reference for you. Come on, check out the following recommendations for the most favorite New Year's holiday destinations abroad!

New Year's Holiday Destinations Abroad

1. | New York, United States

Of course, everyone already knows the beauty of the typical landscape of the developed city of New York. During the new year's holiday, you will see thousands of people from abroad crowded Times Square celebrating the new year's holiday.

When New Year's Eve arrives, there will be a very grand and spectacular fireworks display. The streets are bustling with tourists with cool bands and laser shows. No wonder New York is always included in the list of popular New Year's holiday destinations abroad.

2. | Paris, France

Paris is indeed everyone's dream country to come to visit. If you come here during the New Year's holiday, of course your New Year's celebration will be very exciting and unforgettable.

New Year's holiday to this one destination, you can see the glowing Eiffel Tower and fireworks on New Year's Eve. Guaranteed, the New Year's holiday abroad will definitely be an unforgettable moment!

3. | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The best place to spend New Year's holidays abroad and welcome the next new year is Brazil, precisely in Rio de Janeiro. Tourist attractions in this city are very beautiful and become a favorite vacation spot for tourists.

On New Year's Eve, you will be enlivened with fireworks, musical performances, dances, and see the tradition of wearing white flowers which are then thrown into the sea. With a unique and festive tradition of celebration, Brazil must be included in the list of favorite New Year's holiday destinations!

4. | Sydney, Australia

One of the next New Year's holiday destinations that has a lively New Year's Eve celebration is Australia, to be precise in Sydney, Australia.

You will see a very spectacular fireworks display with a beautiful view of the city, there is the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House in the background that will provide unforgettable New Year's Eve moments.

5. | Berlin, Germany

When you visit this next country for the New Year's holiday you will be greeted with splendor and beautiful scenery. Especially during New Year's Eve celebrations because Berlin often celebrates New Year's Eve very lively, starting with fireworks, music events, laser shows, and many other exciting events that will enliven your New Year's holiday in Berlin.

6. | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has indeed become one of the tourist destinations with the best New Year's Eve celebrations in the world. From every corner of this city you can find a very festive New Year's party. To enjoy a spectacular fireworks display, you can visit the Dam Square, Nieuwmarkt, and Rembrandtplein areas.

7. | Edinburgh, Scotland

If you take a New Year's holiday to this country, you will feel the excitement of the New Year's celebration in Edinburgh which lasts for three days. When New Year's Eve arrives, you will see fireworks with beautiful explosions over Edinburgh Castle. Enlivened with music concerts and traditional Scottish parties. Wouldn't it be very festive if you were going to celebrate your holiday in Scotland!

8. | Seoul, South Korea

This country, which is already known for its boy bands and girl groups, celebrates New Year's Eve with a music concert from your favorite famous K-Pop artists! There will be many interesting festivals during the new year such as the festival of catching fish in ice water to enjoying the snow on Mount Taebaek. So, for you fans of K-Pop music, surely Seoul must be a wishlist for new year's holiday destinations abroad!

9. | Chiang Mai, Thailand

Bangkok may be a popular destination while on vacation to Thailand. However, during the New Year's holiday to this country, you can try stopping by Chiang Mai City to get a different New Year's holiday experience.

In the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand you will see a unique festival, namely the lantern festival which is also known as the "Yee Peng Festival". Thai people have a tradition of flying lanterns on Christmas Eve and praying for good luck. At that time, you will feel a beautiful thing by looking at the sky full of lanterns.

10. | Singapore

New Year's holidays abroad don't have to be too far away because there are many neighboring countries that can be quite interesting New Year's holiday destinations, one of which is Singapore.

The country with the lion symbol celebrates New Year's Eve with a spectacular fireworks display. You can see the Singapore Flyer Ferris wheel, Supertree Groove, and the very cool Marina Bay Sands hotel building in Marina Bay. The combination of Singapore's iconic skyscrapers against the backdrop of fireworks makes the New Year's Eve scene very beautiful.

11. | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Another neighboring country that can be a new year's holiday destination abroad that is pocket-friendly but still provides a memorable experience.

This country is indeed close to Indonesia, but still the celebration and atmosphere of New Year's Eve in Malaysia will be very different from in Indonesia. You will see a lively fireworks celebration against the backdrop of the very famous Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. Surely your holiday and New Year's Eve will be an unforgettable moment!

Those are the recommendations for the best New Year's holiday destinations in the world to spend your holidays and New Year's Eve. Which country would you most like to celebrate New Year's Eve in? It must be hard to choose because all the recommended countries are all so cool and beautiful.

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