7 Tourist Attractions in Bali that Tourists Rarely Visit

Bali has many well-known tourist attractions, even the fame of these tourist attractions to abroad. Call it Kuta Beach, Bedugul, GWK, Tanah Lot and many more.

But who would have thought, Bali also has many tourist attractions that are not yet well known but have a beauty that is not inferior.

Here are 7 tourist attractions in Bali but rarely visited by tourists. Let's see!

1. | Temukus Village Karangasem 

Want to see the beautiful expanse of kasna flowers and marigolds while in Bali? Then visiting Temukus Village is the right choice.

You will be spoiled with the beauty of the kasna flowers that are spread out widely. Combined with the color of the sky and trees that will make you feel at home there.

Still in one location there is a park, namely Gemitir Park. In this park you will see the beauty of the residents' Marigold Flowers. This place is perfect for taking selfies.

2. | Atuh Beach 

When you hear the word Bali, of course, what comes to mind is the beach. Yes, Bali is famous for having many beautiful beaches. Then is there a beautiful beach in Bali but still empty of visitors? The answer is there, namely Atuh Beach.

This beach is located in the southeast of the island of Nusa Peninda. The clean white sand coupled with the blue color of the sea water will certainly spoil your eyes. The place is closed because the beach is flanked by two cliffs.

The right time to come here is 5 am. Its location in the southeast is perfect for enjoying the sunrise.

3. | Leke-Leke. Waterfall 

If you are in Tabanan Bali, don't forget to stop by Baturiti District, precisely in Mekarsari Village. There is a very beautiful waterfall. Its name is Leke-Leke Waterfall.

Located in the middle of the forest, this waterfall has a very beautiful panorama. The place is cool, quiet, and shady will make you feel at home for long there. Accompanied by the sound of a waterfall hitting the rocks, perfect for those of you who like nature and silence. The distance you can take is about an hour from Denpasar or Kuta.

4. | Lemukih Waterfall

Shifting to the Buleleng area, there is a waterfall that is highly recommended to visit while there. Lemukih Waterfall is located in Lemukih Village, Sawan District.

This waterfall is very easy to find. Arriving at Lemukih Village, it is enough to ask the residents and they will be shown the direction.

This waterfall has 3 waterfalls lined up. One waterfall on the right has a height of 4 meters and two waterfalls on the left are shorter. There is also a waterfall shelter here that you can use for swimming.

5. | Ulun Danu Temple

If you are in Bedugul, you must stop at Ulun Danu Temple. It is located on the northwest edge of Lake Bratan. You will find many historical sites from the Mengwi Kingdom period in the form of artifacts and sarcophagi in this area.

Ulun Danu Temple is still used as a place of worship to Dewi Danu. Its location right on the edge of the lake makes this temple sometimes flooded by water. This is the attraction of this place.

6. | Green Canyon Beji Guwang

Located in the Sukawati area, Gianyar Regency, there is one hidden place that is no less beautiful, namely the Green Canyon Beji Guwang.

This place can only be reached by trekking for 2-3 hours. It is very tiring but you will be treated to an amazingly beautiful view.

When visiting this place try between 11 am to 2 pm. This is because sunlight will enter the cliff which will produce a beautiful color reflection. The HTM to enter here is around Rp. 10 thousand for adults.

7. | Melasti Beach 

This beach is rarely visited by tourists, not because it is not beautiful, but there are still many who do not know it. Located in Ungasan Village, south of Bali, Melasti Beach is very similar to Pandawa Beach in that it is surrounded by limestone cliffs.

This beach has a distinctive view, namely a rock cavity in the form of a pond with clear green water. This rock cavity appears when the water recedes. This beach is also usually used for religious events by local residents, including during the Nyepi Day.

Coming to Bali, you don't have to visit mainstream places, right? Every now and then we have to explore places in Bali that are rarely touched by tourists but have a beauty that is no less beautiful.

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