15 Tourist Cities in Italy that You Must Visit

Italy is a country in Europe that has many historical places, ancient streets lined with fantastic palaces, amazing churches, museums, and much more, and a variety of architecture that is pleasing to the eye.

Plus, every city in Italy has something spectacular to offer, whether it's an incredible art collection, delicious food, beautiful scenery or must-try nightlife. If you are planning to go to Italy during the holiday season, then some of these lists might be your reference. Here are 15 tourist cities in Italy that must be visited.

1. | Roma


Besides being famous for its Colosseum, the city of Rome also has other historical monuments that are no less magnificent. In addition, in this city you can also sample piazzas, visit historic churches, and much more. Taking a leisurely stroll while enjoying the stunning architecture is an unforgettable experience in Rome.

Meanwhile, in the center of the city, you can see the Vatican – the heart of the popular Catholic Church. Here, the impressive St. Peter's Basilica is just one of the must-see attractions. While extraordinary art can be found in all corners of this city. While art, history and culture are the reasons people visit Rome, it is a bustling city with lots of restaurants, bars and cafes lining its streets, with lots of locals and tourists making their way to bustling Trastevere at night. Some of these things make Rome one of the tourist cities in Italy that must be visited.

2. | Perugia


The city of Perugia is on a hill surrounded by lush fields, and is hit by; as a beautiful historic city center. In this city, you will find cobbled streets, steep stairs and hidden piazzas (town parks) that sit on the hillside. With a great nightlife, plenty of bars, and cheap but delicious food options, as well as historic buildings make this Italian tourist town a relaxing getaway. Also, during the summer, you can enjoy one of the best jazz festivals in Europe when visiting this city.

3. | Florence


If you like historical sights, then Florence is a city in Italy that you can visit. This is because, the city is known as the birthplace of the Renaissance, it's no wonder you will find amazing works of art or even architectural designs. This enchanting city sits along the Arno River and the Ponte Vecchio bridge spanning it is one of Florence's most famous sights.

As well as art and historical sites, the city is filled with cafes and restaurants overlooking ancient rocks, as well as a shopping paradise. And don't forget, no holiday would be complete without tasting the sumptuous Tuscan cuisine and delicious wines on offer.

4. | Lecce


Lecce is one of the tourist cities in Italy that must be visited because it has beautiful baroque-style buildings and impressive architecture. In this city, you can “roam” along its enchanting streets, because there is beauty from every corner of this city. In addition, there are some fantastic bars and restaurants to visit. From here, you can easily explore the surrounding area with its many beautiful beaches and natural surroundings that are still preserved.

5. | Venesia


It is common knowledge that Venice is known as one of the tourist cities in Italy that must be visited. Venice is set amidst beautiful lagoons, canals and waterways and is filled with stunning buildings, palaces and churches. There are alleys that meander between the waters that will amaze you. In addition, you must also visit the Grand Canal and the stunning Piazza San Marco.

You can also enjoy mouthwatering food with the stunning views that often accompany your meal. And don't forget to rent a gondola along the canal to see the interesting boutiques and upscale shops and souvenir shops that Venice has to offer.

6. | Sirakusa


In Syracuse, there are many ancient Greek ruins nestled among the green and sprawling gardens. Also, there are a number of stalls lined with cafes and small alleys that fill the center of what is often referred to as the city of Sicily. Relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, and the built architecture is an experience that you will never forget when visiting this city.

7. | Napoli


Naples is rich in cultural and historical sites to visit. In this city, there are two royal palaces to explore, as well as three castles and many ruins dating back to a bygone era – not to mention the wide array of architectural wonders it has to offer. Its fantastic museums also exhibit frescoes and masterpieces by Caravaggio and others, while the gastronomic views are one you shouldn't miss.

8. | Trieste


Trieste is a tourist city in Italy which is bordered by the Adriatic Sea and is almost surrounded by Slovenia. Due to its location, in this city you will find Slavic, German, Greek and Italian influences in every aspect. There's also a bit of a Viennese aspect to its lovely cafes. While there are no specific landmarks, it is quite a beautiful city to visit as you can easily get to the nearby wine regions.

9. | Milan


Milan is a city in Italy which is also known as the fashion mecca of the world. Many other big businesses are based in this trendy metropolis. With innovative and creative designs emerging in the city, there are endless shopping options to explore. Apart from that, the city is also home to an impressive collection of art, charming city museums and the streets are lined with beautiful art-deco architecture. Also, in the center of the city is the beautiful Duomo, which you must visit.

10. | Padua


This city, which is located not far from Venice, is very pleasant to explore. This is because, in this city there is a beautiful medieval market and the frescoes are amazing to look at. On the other hand, the architecture dates back to the dark days of Mussolini, who made many speeches here and used it as a military and industrial center as well. Padua is home to major resistance movements in the past.

11. | Pisa


This wonderful city to explore has architectural styles from all ages. In this city, you will find many Renaissance-style buildings and Gothic churches among other fantastic buildings. This more authentic city than many Italian cities that have been inundated with tourists has a prestigious university with a large student population.

12. | Palermo


The capital of Sicily, the location of Palermo has long meant that various civilizations and cultures have left their mark on the city. Today, you can refine Byzantine mosaics and beautiful Arabic-influenced buildings that sit alongside Gothic palaces and Renaissance mansions. With some fantastic markets to explore, as well as the largest opera house in the country, this vibrant city has a lot to offer – the rotting splendor of its streets is captivating.

13. | Genova


Genova has the largest harbor in the country and is full of magnificent old buildings that you must visit. This city is a fantastic location for you to explore. Apart from that, the city also has the beautiful Palazzi dei Rolli and there are many museums, restaurants and bars to visit. Currently, stopping in Genoa on their way to the nearby Cinque Terre.

14. | Verona


The city known as the home of Romeo and Juliet has a romantic feel. There is a beautiful Piaza connected by cobbled streets that pass old palaces, churches and other monuments. In addition, there is also the Adige River with a beautiful bridge crossing over it. With a spectacular Roman amphitheater at its center, fine cuisine and fantastic wine – plus its proximity to beautiful Lake Garda makes it an Italian tourist town you shouldn't miss.

15. | Bologna


The city is decorated with beautiful pillars that weave its way around it, showing that Bologna is a city that combines elegance and charm. While there are parts of the city where you can visit world-class restaurants and opera, it turns out that Bologna also has the oldest university in the world and a large student population. One of the tourist cities in Italy is filled with beautiful architecture, lively bars and cafes.

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