15 Family Attractions in Europe

INDONEWTRAVEL.COM - Taking a family vacation abroad is definitely an unforgettable experience. Besides being able to strengthen relationships between families, taking a vacation abroad is also able to make you and your family learn an interesting new culture. One of the continents that has a lot of family tourist attractions is Europe. There are so many locations that will surely make your family vacation experience a memorable moment of all time. However, which locations are suitable for a family vacation in Europe? To help you, here are some family tourist attractions in Europe that you must visit.

1. | Athena, Yunani


Athens is one of the best cities in Greece for a family vacation and learning about its history and culture. In this city, your family vacation activities can take place at a leisurely pace, such as a full day cruise to Hydra or a full day trip to Meteora with cultural activities.

Also, don't forget to visit the Acropolis and Parthenon to enjoy the magnificent architecture and amazing culture. Not only that, there are many choices of places to stay in this city, such as hotels, inns, villas, resorts, and apartments. Treat yourself to a dream family vacation in this historic city.

2. | Algarve, Portugal


The Algarve is one of the family's tourist attractions and is also known as the most beautiful area in Portugal with a cool and sunny climate all year round. This city is a must-visit with the family for its golden beaches, blue waters, and hidden beaches of the Benagil caves.

Here there are many choices of hotels, apartments, villas, guesthouses that are suitable for families at quite affordable prices. Also, don't forget to visit Portimao, Albufeira or Faro and enjoy a classy vacation for your beloved family.

3. | Costa Brava, Spain


Costa Brava is known as one of the most popular family vacation spots in Europe. It is a perfect destination for families who want to rest in the sun and complete facilities, such as hotels, apartments, villas. One of the best activities on the Costa Brava is the popular Hot Air Balloon.

4. | Lisbon, Portugal


Did you know that Lisbon was awarded as the best tourist destination in Europe a few years ago? This is because, Lisbon is a beautiful and exotic city; You will feel like you are in South America. Discover the beauty of Lisbon, one of the best destinations for family vacations in Europe and visit the luxurious castles of Sintra, as well as St George's Castle in Lisbon and the stunning alleys of Alfama's old quarter.

5. | London, United Kingdom


London is one place that is suitable for a family vacation. This is because, London is perfect for lovers of shopping, music culture and is also one of the best destinations for families in Europe. In London, you and your family will discover the beauty of Green Park and Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Legoland or the popular Warner Bros Studio tour.

6. | Roma, Italia


Rome is one of the perfect family vacation spots for you and your kids to be able to form lifelong memories when visiting ancient historical sites at the Colosseum and Pantheon. And with its many varieties of food and child-friendly museums, Rome is a delight to explore and visit for people of all ages. In addition, there are various types of culinary in this city that children are sure to love, such as delicious pizza, pasta, and gelato.

7. | Stockholm, Swedia


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and is known as a family vacation spot because it offers delicious dishes that are loved by children. In addition, you and your family can also visit museums that focus on many things, from ABBA to contemporary photography. In Stockholm, children will love being invited to visit the zoo, aquarium and historic buildings at Skansen (the oldest open-air museum in the world).

8. | Prague, Czech Republic


Prague is known as a place that has a fairy tale feel so it leaves a lasting impression on its visitors. Kids will most likely enjoy seeing the quirky-looking Dance House, exploring Prague Castle, and trying to understand the Prague Astronomical Clock. Apart from that, there are many quirky marionette shops in the city that are sure to pique the interest of the kids too. Meanwhile, parents will likely love the heritage aspect of the city, the great beer and reasonably priced prices.

9. | Dublin, Irlandia


Dublin is one of the most walkable cities in Europe, so families will find this place to vacation together. What's more, its lush meadows – including St. Stephen's Green and Phoenix Park can be a relaxing place to relax. And when it's time to eat, parents can enjoy a pint of Guinness while the little ones can enjoy Irish classics like shepherd's pie and mouth-watering beef stew.

10. | Madrid, Spain


The Spanish capital is a great family destination as it has some of the most child-friendly tourist attractions in Europe, such as Casa de Campo, and Madrid's Parque de Atracciones amusement park. Plus, the kids will surely love to run around Retiro Park or play in the playground while adults can enjoy the formal gardens. Your family vacation wouldn't be complete without watching a football match at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and a tour of the magnificent Royal Palace.

11. | Innsbruck, Austria


Innsbruck is located in the middle of the Austrian Alps making it a perfect choice for family vacations in Europe with beautiful snow. In this city, children can enroll in ski or snowboarding schools to do snow sports activities. Also, several hotels are available at the foot of the mountain so that they offer stunning views.

12. | Brussel, Belgia


Brussels has some unique places that will entertain both children and adults. You and your family can visit the Grand-Place, a large square with impressive architecture. There are also various museums, many of which offer programs for children. After visiting some of these places, you and your family can party (sans silverware) with treats like waffles and smoutebollen (like donuts), which are sold at food trucks throughout the city.

13. | Paris, France


Paris is famous for having several iconic landmarks and child-friendly tourist attractions such as the Center Pompidou and Luxembourg Gardens, the City of Light offers a fun holiday experience and can be an educational place. Your family vacation wouldn't be complete without visiting the majestic Eiffel Tower, which is sure to delight the kids when the Tower is lit up at night. Nearby Disneyland Paris is also a popular attraction for those with young children. If you prefer to stay centered in central Paris, you will find many tourist attractions close together.

14. | Barcelona, ​​Spain


Although the city is famous for its nightlife, there are several reasons for families to visit. Gaudí's artwork at Park Güell is sure to impress adults and make children feel as if they are in a fantasy world. Likewise, the street performances along Las Ramblas are sure to captivate and surprise audiences of all ages. Plus, you and your family can always hit the beach for some outdoor fun or watch a football match at the iconic Camp Nou stadium.

15. | Zurich, Swiss

One of the biggest reasons for you and your family to visit Zurich is Chocolate, but the city certainly has a lot more to offer tourists. It's hard to beat Zurich's superb location between the beautiful lakefront and the base of the Swiss Alps. After taking pictures for your next family vacation card, you and your family can visit one of the city's great museums or the historic Old Town neighborhood. Then, end your trip with a cheese fondue or an authentic German meal at a local restaurant.

Those are some family tourist attractions in Europe that you can use as a reference. Vacationing with family is something that must be done to strengthen each other's relationship and also add an unforgettable experience.

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