The 5 Most Hits Tourist Attractions in Bali to Visit

Who doesn't fall in love with Bali? Anyone would be amazed to see the beauty of this heaven on earth. Even foreign tourists also really love this Island of the gods. The stretch of white sandy beach, its natural charm that is still awake and natural, to the mountains that soothe the eyes are a very complete and perfect combination for pampering yourself. Bali has become one of the mainstays in the world of homeland tourism, where the beauty of the Island of the Gods is already very famous to various parts of the world.

Here are five tourist attractions that are Instagramable and the most hits visited by tourists in all parts of the world. Have you been here?

1. | The extraordinary charm of Nusa Penida

The recommendation to visit, even to spend the night to Nusa Penida is not without reason, you know! It's hard to find the right words to describe the privilege of being in a spot like this. The scenery, the coral reefs, and of course the nuances and atmosphere that are presented are truly extraordinary. If you want to find a beach view with a wide blue sea, Nusa Penida is the right spot for that.

2. | The splendor of the sunset at Pura Luhur Lempuyang

You could say, standing on the highest peak of Mount Lempuyang, this is where you can see the most wow sunset panorama in Bali. To get here you have to climb hundreds of stairs with a travel time of about 20 minutes from the entrance. Your efforts will be paid off immediately upon arrival at the peak. Here you will feel as if you are in a land above the clouds. If the air is clear, the view of the mountains, Amlapura City, Amed Beach and the majestic Mount Agung is clearly visible. It's a beauty that is hard to describe in words.

3. | Infinity pool at One Eighty, the sensation of swimming on the edge of the ocean

An infinity pool on a cliff is nothing new, but here you will find one that is second to none. With a base made of clear glass, the infinity pool which is located at an altitude of more than 150 meters and overlooks the Indian Ocean is ready to give you the sensation of swimming above the ocean.

When else will you try to be able to feel swimming while “floating” in the air accompanied by the pounding of the waves below?

4. | Molenteng Stone Tree House

This beautiful tree house is a modern destination on this island of the gods which has recently become a hunt for Instagrammers because of its dramatic panorama. Located at the tip of Nusa Penida, precisely facing Atuh Beach. Once you climb into this tree house and see the surrounding scenery, you will definitely be amazed and amazed. Starting from the beautiful Atuh Beach and small islands like Raja Ampat, to the high cliffs, rocks, and very beautiful hills give an unforgettable impression.

5. | Zen Hideaway, the sensation of swinging over valleys and rivers

Have you ever tried swinging above a height where as far as the eye can see, all you can see is the Ayung River, mini waterfalls, rice fields and Mount Agung. Amazing isn't it? Yup, the extreme swing here is hanging between two coconut trees perched on top of a hill. This extreme swing is located at Zen Hideaway, an accommodation that offers a stay experience unlike any other in Ubud.

Thrilling as well as addictive, while swinging here you can see the amazing natural panorama of Bali.

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