The charm of beach attractions in Bali has always attracted the attention of tourists. Like one of the most famous beaches in Bali, Kuta beach. Even so, there are many other beaches in Bali that are no less interesting which are also really charming so that they become a tourist magnet in Bali. One of the beaches in Bali that is currently popular is Double Six Beach, which is located in Seminyak which in addition to exhibiting exotic beach panoramas, Double Six Beach is also famous as a beach where you can relax or hang out which is certainly comfortable for visitors. Double Six Beach will always be crowded at dusk, while sitting relaxed in a bean bag provided by cafes on the beach, as well as colorful umbrellas overlooking the beach. For more details, let's review the attractions at Double Six Beach.

The Origin and Attraction of Double Six Beach

Double Six Beach is located 2km away which can be an alternative for those of you who want to enjoy beautiful and exotic beaches in Bali, especially those in the Seminyak area. The beach which has white sand character is always kept clean and its name is taken from the name of a famous club that was once built near this beach.

Casual Hangout at Cafe - Unique Cafe Double Six Beach

Double Six Beach is a beach that is perfect for relaxing enjoying the sunset while enjoying a fresh drink at dusk. While sitting on a bamboo chair or bean bag enjoying the atmosphere and the beauty of the sunset. You can see the colorful cushions and chairs owned by several cafes on the double six beach which are scattered along the beach.

For those of you who want to enjoy culinary delights, there are many kinds of snacks, ranging from traditional food to western food such as pizza, french fries. Suggestions for us when you are at Double Six cafes don't move from your pillow or bean bag chair before you watch the sunset at Double Six Beach.

Enjoying the Beautiful Sunset Panorama at Double Six Beach

The charm of the beauty of Sunset in Bali is indeed extraordinary which has become a magnet so that many tourists flock to want to enjoy the panorama of the sunset. At Double Six Beach you can watch the sunset while sitting relaxed in colorful cafes equipped with umbrellas and bean bags. The time to enjoy the sunset is recommended to come around 16:00 so you don't miss the beautiful moment. There are many good spots to watch the sunset at one of the existing cafes before the atmosphere gets busier.

The location is near Kuta Beach

Double Six Beach, which is located on Double Six Street, is on the same line as Kuta Beach. If you travel by car, the distance is only 2km and it takes 15 minutes to drive or if you walk, it will take 30 minutes to the south. You can rent an inn or hotel in the Kuta area, and you don't need to change hotels to be able to visit Double Six beach.

Activities at Double Six Beach

Maybe you can't wait to enjoy the exoticism of Double Six Beach, here we will review some of the activities you can do while at Double Six Beach which is certainly very interesting and makes your vacation at Double Six Beach even more enjoyable and worth sharing with family or colleagues. You.

Play Beach Volleyball

Playing volleyball is normal if you do it on a volleyball field, no less exciting if you try beach volleyball on Double Six beach which will certainly be more exciting because it feels different and certainly safer. You can also play volleyball with family, friends or other visitors. In addition you can also play ball on the beach Double Six.

Conquer the Waves By Surfing at Double Six Beach

There are many choices of beaches if you want to enjoy surfing in Bali which of course provides a different experience. Most favorite and famous beaches in Bali are almost all suitable for surfing activities, one of which is Double Six Beach which is suitable for those of you who have big waves and strong currents in the middle of the beach. For those of you who want to learn to surf, you can also rent a surfboard that is available along the coast.

Sunbathing While Massage at Double Six Beach

The beach is fun and can do many activities for domestic and foreign tourists, perfect for those of you who want to sunbathe and want to make your skin look exotic and tanned. The beach which is known as the right destination for sunbathing is also very clean so you can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere to the maximum. While sunbathing you can also enjoy a massage or massage that gives a sensation in the hands of skilled masseurs who offer their services at Double Six Beach. These friendly masseurs are usually locals so you can chat while enjoying your massage.

Access Road to Doble Six Beach

Its very strategic location and also not far from the famous beach, namely Kuta Beach, is easy to reach by two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. You only need to go through the Jalan Legian and Jalan Seminyak routes, after walking for 2km you will meet an intersection, take the road to the left and about 200 meters you will find directions to Double Six Beach.

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