7 Best Archipelago Travel Destinations in Asia

ASIA has many islands with stunning natural beauty. Apart from its unique culture and traditions, Asia is also known for the friendliness of its people. No wonder Asia is a favorite tourist destination for tourists, especially millennials.

Here are seven of the best island tourist destinations in Asia.

1. | Palawan, Filipina 

When it comes to natural beauty, nothing compares to the ocean view from the island of the Philippines. On Bacuit Island, you can see fish swimming because the water is so clear there. To reach this location, you have to fly to Puerto Princesa but tourists usually don't stay long.

The island, which is located north of El Nido, is the most beautiful place in Southeast Asia. Make no mistake, even though it is a small city, the natural beauty is quite amazing on Bacuit Island. You will have a wonderful experience here.

2. | Maldives 

Located in South Asia, the exoticism of the island of the Maldives or the Maldives is unquestionable. This island of luxury facilities may be unrivaled but most tourists will make sure that it is possible to experience the stunning beauty here on a budget.

Comprised of more than 1,200 islands, this Indian Ocean paradise is home to some of the most beautiful and untouched beaches on Earth.

3. | Raja Ampat, Indonesia 

Forget Bali, if you want to sneak into the island, the right time to visit it is Raja Ampat which is one of the best islands in Asia. SCUBA enthusiasts crave 1000 islands as the best dive sites on Earth. The coral reefs still look pristine, the water is crystal clear, and the underwater life will drive you crazy.

The famous tourist attraction in Raya Ampat is Piaynemo with its calm turquoise blue sea and coral islands floating above it. Raja Ampat is now visited by many foreign tourists, especially the United States.

However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Raja Ampat is only open to domestic tourists. The Raja Ampat Regency Government has made 10 tourism health protocols.

4. | Lakshadweep, India 

A tropical archipelago nestled in the Laccadive sea, Lakshadweep is home to kaleidoscopic marine life and colorful reefs in its own right.

The archipelago is about 300 kilometers off the Kerala Coast with ancient mosques, fishermen, waving palm trees and sweet sand creating a sight that is authentic and stunning at the same time.

5. | Koh Phi Phi, Thailand  

It's so beautiful, even the famous island can't take away the splendor of Koh Phi Phi. Away from the city itself, lies a secret that is so cherished by the proximity of the island.

On a sunny day, there's nothing better than exploring the rocks around the island in a longtail boat.

6. | Sipidan, Borneo 

Whispered by the best divers in the world, Sipidan is a mecca for those seeking an underwater ecosystem and immerses you in a tropical aquarium.

Just a few meters from the shoreline, a steep wall of 600 meters juts into the seabed. It serves as a colorful habitat for the more than 3,000 species of fish that live there.

However, what is really interesting is the strong current that faces the ocean. There are whitefin reef sharks, eagle rays, giant manta rays, vortex barracuda, and whale sharks.

Just thinking about Sipidan already triggers the adrenaline of divers and actually no one is allowed to stay on the island for conservation reasons.

7. | The Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

With aquamarine waters, dense forests and dazzling white sand beaches, the Perhentian Islands are like a tropical dream come true. Perched off the coast of West Malaysia, Perhentian provides a relaxed atmosphere that feels far from the atmosphere of being in Thailand.

Backpackers have had to move away from the Small Island which is very cold and undeveloped and the Big Island provides a bit of upscale with higher accommodation.

Wherever you are on vacation, be sure to capture memories through photos, videos, or souvenirs, okay? Don't forget that during the Covid-19 pandemic, follow the health protocols. Happy holidays and have a nice trip.

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