Bangka is known as the biggest island in Bangka Belitung province. It is located at the east of Sumatera and is rather a new one but is getting famous in terms of tourism.

This province accelerates its effort to promote its tourism industry. It will be great to do these things to do in Bangka Island. This area has a lot of amazing natural tourist attractions, including the beaches.

Beaches in Bangka Island are characterized by many granite rocks. Some even have really huge rocks. Here are some of the wonderful beaches in Bangka Island, the biggest island in Bangka-Belitung Province.

Tikus Beach

Pantai Tikus or Tikus Beach
Tikus Beach literally means “rat” beach. There is a story behind the name. In the past, there were a lot of secret paths, which are rat paths, near the beach. The paths were made and used by illegal lead miner.

Despite that sad story, this beach has a beautiful white sandy stretch along with the great facilities, such as the changing room and playground.

The access to this beach is easy and well-maintained too, so don’t worry about it. Due to all the facts, Tikus Beach is also listed as one of the best beaches in Bangka Belitung.

Penyusuk Beach

Granite rocks in Penyusuk Beach
Penyusuk Beach is a lovely beach, just similar to the other beaches in Bangka Island. White sand and granite rocks are two main attractions of this beach.

Besides, Penyusuk Beach also acts as a base if you plan to have an island-hopping activity to Putri and Lampu Islands. The sunset view of this beach is also beautiful. If you love enjoying sunset, then you can consider visiting these places to enjoy sunset in Bandung.

Once you arrive at Penyusuk Beach, you fill feel the atmosphere of secluded beach. There are no keepers or food vendors around. It seems to be a desolated beach, however, it does not matter as it as amazing nuance.

The main attraction of this beach is the strong waves as the beaches faces North Sea. You are allowed to swim here, still, you need to be careful, especially if you bring your kids.

Romodong Beach

Two tall granites which become the natural gate of the beach
Romodong is considered as one of the best beaches in Bangka Island. It is located near Penyusuk Beach. It can be accessed easily, and the road is decent too. The first impression of tis beach is its tall granites. These tall granites become the natural gate of the beach.

So, the tourists will pass these stones prior to reaching Romodong Beach. Meanwhile, in the right part, you will notice the granite which has the shape of a giant frog. The locals call it “Batu Kodok”.

As being told before, Romodong Beach is similar to Penyusuk Beach and the location is also close to each other. Because of this reason, visitors can enjoy sightseeing and beach walking here.

Parai Tenggiri Beach

Amazing facilities in Parai Tenggiri Beach
Parai Tenggiri Beach is situated in Sungai Liat District. Go reaching Sinar Baru Village, then you will find this beach.

This beach is special because of its small waves and land contours which make it perfect for doing some water sports. It also has some other interesting features such as granites, coconut trees, a pier and gazebos.

Many tourists coming here to enjoy the stunning and amazing sea as it has green tosca colour and beautiful landscape. The seashore is neat and clean too showing that it is well-maintained. Regarding to the granites, Parai Tenggiri Beach has different size and shape of granites which become a valuable asset to Parai Tenggiri Coast.

Tourists are able to climb and even sit on them to enjoy the best scenery. However, make sure to be careful because the surface of the granites is slippery. Then, if you love water activities, you can try fishing and snorkeling here.

Batu Bedaun Beach

The small island with a large rock with a tree growing in the middle
Batu Bedaun Beach is situated in Kampung Bukit Kuala, Sinar Jaya Urban Village, Sungailiat District. This beach is considered unique due to its location which is side by side with Parai Tenggiri and is marked by a tree growing out of rocks.

The name “pantai bedaun” is derived from a belief that there was a small island in the middle of the coast, comprising a large rock with a tree growing in the middle. It is unique and until now, many people believe it as the story of the origin name of this beach.

Clear blue sea water and the trees growing on rocks are the main attractions of this beach. If you love fishing, swimming, or sunbathing, then you should come here.

This beach is perfect for you to spend your holiday with your family too, especially to energize yourselves and refresh your mind with the divine nature it serves.

Still in Sumatera Island, you may be interested to visit these beaches in Sumatera. They are amazing!

Tanjung Pesona Beach

Amazing resorts and hotels around Tanjung Pesona Beach
This beach is getting famous for its excellent facilities and outstanding beauty. The beach features great hotels and resorts. Besides those features, Tanjung Pesona Beach also has numerous water sports tourists may enjoy.

They include canoeing, riding a banana boat, fishing and so on. Most of the family members will love coming here. Besides, the sea and coral reefs are amazing.

There are also 3 level of shorelines. The first one is the lower part, which is the home of sloping and sandy beach.

The second level features 2 gazebos jutting into the sea. This spot is the perfect place for relaxation and enjoying the panorama. Lastly, the last level will be the upper part where you can find a formation of big granites.

Bangka Island is full of excitement. Visiting this island is not complete without trying its local cuisines of Bangka Belitung. This island has a lot of great and delicious local cuisines you must try!

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