East Nusa Tenggara
Indonesia is an archipelago country and as a result, it has many beautiful beaches stretching from Sabang to Merauke.

One of the islands in Indonesia which has amazingly beautiful beaches is Sumba Island in East Nusa Tenggara. Get to know the complete list of the things to do in Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

In Sumba Island, you will find out that most of the beaches there are not crowded yet by tourists, or we call them as “virgin” beaches.

Moreover, each beach has its own uniqueness, specifically the beauty of the sunset panorama you shouldn’t miss. Here are the 6 best beaches in Sumba Island for your perfect holiday.

Walakiri Beach

Dancing trees in Walakiri Beach
The first beach you can visit in Sumba Island is Walakiri Beach. This beach is popular for its breathtaking view during the sunset.

The beach itself is located in Watumbaka Village, Pandawai District, East Sumba Regency. This beach is known to offer an unusual sunset view with a background you may rarely find anywhere.

This beach has a sloping contour so it will be quite comfortable for walking in the middle of the beach. You don’t have to be afraid of drowning. There are also small mangrove trees which become the iconic spots of the beach. It is a must to take photo there!

Tarimbang Beach

Tarimbang Beach which is perfect for surfing!
Another best beach in Sumba Island is Tarimbang Beach. Tarimbang Beach is a beautiful beach located Tabundung Subdistrict, south of East Sumba.

This beach also has big waves that make this beach a heaven for surfers. However, don’t worry if you can surf. You can do other things, such as relaxing on the beach or just spend your time beach walking.

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The beach itself is really comfortable. It has soft white sand that blends beautifully with clear bluish sea water. You can also take pictures on the tree which becomes the icon of the beach.

Pero Beach

Two perfect things about Pero Beach: sunset and waves
Located in Pero Kodi Village, Kodi District, Southwest Sumba Regency, Pero Beach is a coastal area. It is located quite far from the capital city of Southwest Sumba, as it is around 40 km from there. You can reach this beach by 30 minutes from the city of Tambolaka.

Pero Beach may not be as famous as Tarimbang Beach or Walakiri Beach in East Sumba, but it is surely worth visiting. It has to unique things that may attract you to come: the waves and sunset view.

The waves in Pero Beach is known to be quite large and elongated so it will be perfect to surf here. Besides that, the sunset here is also beautiful. Many tourists and locals enjoy sunset here so it will be a bit crowded late in the afternoon.

Bwanna Beach

A high cliff with a hole in the middle – one perfect photo spot!
Bwanna or Banna Beach should not be missed while you’re visiting Sumba Island. It is located in Kodi Balagar sub-district, Southwest Sumba Regency. The beach has a high cliff with a hole in the middle that becomes the most wanted photo spot while having vacation here.

Bwanna Beach is very clean and beautiful, however, it requires lots of effort to reach this beach. It is because the access to this beach is quite limited.

Bwanna Beach is also one of the coastal tourist objects that is still “virgin” or untouched by development. If you wish to visit white sandy beach surrounded by high sturdy cliffs, then you should visit this beach for sure!

Watu Maladong Beach

Watu Maladong is another best beach to be visited in Sumba Island. It is located in Kahale Village, Kodi Bangedo District, Southwest Sumba Regency. This beach is perfect for you who want to catch a beautiful sunset. There is a row of large and tall clusters of rocks.

For those who love photography, never ever think twice to take pictures of the sunset view. Watu Maladong Beach has a beautiful sunset against the background of high rocks. It will surely make your feed more Instagramable!

Still located in East Nusa Tenggara, sunset-view spot in Flores will tell you the other amazing spots to view sunset!

Londa Lima Beach

The last but not the least beach you should put on your list is Londa Lima Beach. Londa Lima Beach is located in Kuta Village, Kanatang Subdistrict, East Sumba Regency. The beach is popular for its white sand hat blends with its calm sea water.

The beauty of this beach becomes more perfect with the presence of shady trees on the edge of the beach. Londa Lima Beach is also a favorite spot for both tourists and locals due to its location that is not really far from the city center of Waingapu.

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