5 Exciting Things to Experience in Misool, Raja Ampat

As one of the largest archipelagos in the world, Indonesia houses a plentitude of islands. Each of these islands varies in size, terrain, as well as environment. Every island in Indonesia has its own charm, attracting those who happen to stumble upon their uniqueness. Speaking of uniqueness, there existed one eccentric island nestled among the isles of Raja Ampat in West Papua. Say hello to Misool, formerly known as Misol or Mysol. This little piece of paradise lies near the waters of the Ceram Sea and can only be reached by boat from the port of Sorong city. Once you arrive at Misool, you will be provided with a chance to enjoy a myriad of tropical attractions that will leave you with everlasting memories. To make it simple, we will show you the best ways to enjoy the dazzling island of Misool below. 

1. Visit the heart-shaped Lake Karawapop

Home to countless fascinating attractions, there are so many unique spots that exist on the islands of Indonesia, including a love-shaped one. On Misool you can also find another love-shaped attraction, albeit much more natural. Set your eyes on Lake Karawapop, also known as Teluk Cinta Besar which means Huge Love Bay. Snuggled by the luscious jungle of Karawapop Island, this gorgeous heart-shaped turquoise lagoon can be found in the western part of the island. The stunning lake features a pier as well as a lookout point which offers the best view of the lagoon. Reaching the lookout point might take some time, however, we can assure you the effort will absolutely be worth it since the sight of Karawapop Lake from above is beyond what you normally see on other tropical islands.

2. Swim with stingless jellyfish of Lenmakana Lake

The waters of Raja Ampat are filled with plenty of exotic sea creatures swimming around. Some are even rare and unusual such as stingless jellyfish. Yes, you read that right, a jellyfish that isn't armed to sting anyone on its path. This particular creature can only be spotted in a few places, including Lake Lenmakana in Misool. Getting into the lake can be quite challenging because you have to climb up some rocks first, so make sure to wear a pair of shoes with a good grip, gloves can definitely help you too. When you have reached the lake, you will be greeted by the peaceful atmosphere of the rarely visited lake. The real excitement begins when you finally dive into the lake. Swim down and get a good look at numerous friendly jellyfish swarming around you.

3. Reach the Harfat peak 

When you have done swimming with charming jellyfish, head over to another excellent lookout point called Harfat Peak where you can witness the magnificent view of the exotic Misool isles along with the turquoise waters surrounding them from the highest point. As you are climbing up the stairs to Harfat Peak, you will also be presented with a wide array of attractive plants to your left and right, including the peculiar Pitcher plant.

4. Enjoy the unique Namlol Beach

Does the view of Misool seen from Harfat Peak make you want to sink into its alluring waters? Then come down and do it straight away by taking a trip to Namlol Beach. Also known as The Pond of the Sea, Namlol Beach is one of the most ravishing lagoons you can find in Misool. What makes this particular lagoon a must-visit spot is because it features shallow crystal clear waters as well as several picturesque Karst rock formed throughout the pond. Swim your way around the pristine pond or capture some stunning sights surrounding the lagoon, it’s your choice!
5. Relax among the scenic Balbulol Lagoon

Before you end your trip, take one final moment to witness another Mother Nature masterpiece in Misool by sailing to Balbulol Lagoon. Here, you will be greeted by a view of majestic Karst rocks shaped like massive solid Christmas trees ornamented with thick bushes, standing above bewitching turquoise waters. The name of the lagoon itself came from the word ‘balbul’, which means some kind of octopus, and ‘lol' which means a lot. As the name would suggest, it is believed that Balbulol Lagoon houses so many octopuses under its waters.

Are you eager to wander the island of Misool? Then suit yourself by staying at one of numerous resorts and homestays available around the island. Be prepared to get lost in the island’s magic once you arrived there. If you want to explore more attractions, do check out other gems you can find around The Island of Four Kings. Remember to keep yourself updated on the CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability) protocols, which include keeping your distance, washing your hands with soap, and wearing a mask.

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