3 Days 2 Nights Itinerary in Palu, Beach to Giant Well

Indonewtravel.com - Palu City is the capital city of Central Sulawesi province. The city is located on the plains of the Palu valley and Palu bay. Its territory consists of five different landscapes, such as mountains, valleys, rivers, bays and oceans.

The city, dubbed the Bay City, has a number of interesting tourist attractions. Starting from natural attractions such as the sea and mountains, to historical tours such as museums, they are all there.

If you are interested in exploring tourist attractions in this city, here is an itinerary or itinerary for traveling in Palu City

First day in Palu City

1. | Salena Paragliding Peak

This tourist spot does not only offer views of Palu City from a height. Tourists can also try paragliding.

Salena Paragliding Peak is located in Salena Hamlet, Buluri Village, West Palu, Palu City. From Mutiara SIS Al Jufri Airport the distance is about 20.7 kilometers (km) with a travel time of approximately 40 minutes.

Besides being able to enjoy the view of Palu Bay and Palu City, tourists will also feel the cool air. Tourists can also see the lives of local people who preserve nature and customs in this highland.

Then to use the paragliding facilities, tourists will be charged a tariff of IDR 500,000 per person.

Reporting from the website of the Central Sulawesi Provincial Tourism Office, this tourist spot is equipped with facilities, such as clean water, churches, and road facilities.

Salena Paragliding Peak is open every day for 24 hours. To enjoy the view at the top of this hill, tourists will be charged an entrance fee of IDR 5,000 for motorbikes and IDR 10,000 for cars.

2. | Talise Beach

The beach, which is located not far from the city center, stretches from Palu City to Donggala Regency. Talise Beach is located in Talise Village, Mantikulore District, Palu City. It is located about 10 km from Salena Paragliding Peak with a travel time of 23 minutes.

In addition to views of the bay, tourists can also see mountain views. In the afternoon, the view is enhanced by the sunset between Mount Gawalise. At night, the lights that decorate the fishing boats will light up.

Tourists can swim, windsurf, dive, and fish, or sample a variety of traditional snacks, such as putu.

If you plan to stay overnight, there is no need to worry because this beach area provides a number of lodging facilities. Tourists who visit are not charged an entrance ticket, aka free.

Second Day in Palu City

1. | Donggala Mangrove Forest

Donggala Mangrove Forest stores unique photo spots with various color combinations. The location is in Kabonga Besar Village, Banawa District, Donggala Regency, Central Sulawesi. From the city center the distance is 29.3 Km with a travel time of 41 minutes.

This mangrove forest is located in an area of ​​10 hectares. This area has a dense mangrove forest along with a number of colorful photo spots. In fact, the woven bamboo used as a path in this mangrove forest is colorful.

This Mangrove Forest is good, well maintained. The view is also good because the view is the sea," said Commissioner of Agta Mandiri Travel Agam Amar Siswanto to Indonewtravel.com, Wednesday (24/10/2021).

Tourists who want to take a break can rest in the gazebos which are also equipped with electricity. Tourists don't have to worry if their camera or smartphone runs out of battery.

Donggala Mangrove Forest is open every day at 08.00-18.00 WIT. Tourists only need to pay an entrance ticket for IDR 5,000 per person.

2. | Pusentasi

The center of the sea is a giant well that forms naturally. Located in Simbe Hamlet, Limboro Village, Central Banawa District, Donggala Regency, this tourist spot is 20.6 km from Donggala Mangrove Forest.

This giant well is 10 meters in diameter and 7 meters deep. The water in it is clear and bluish in color and tastes salty like sea water. This is because Pusentasi's water source comes from the sea and also experiences ups and downs like its water source.

The walls surrounding the well are decorated with colorful paints, such as yellow, dark blue, and pink. According to Agam, tourists can swim and dive in this giant well.

The Pusentasi area is equipped with lodging and a number of food stalls selling Sulawesi specialties. To visit Pusentasi, tourists only need to pay around IDR 5,000 per person.

3. | Tanjung Karang Beach

Tanjung Karang Beach pampers tourists with its white sand and clear sea water. This beach is located in Labuan Bajo Village, Donggala Regency. From Pusentasi, the distance is about 16 km with a travel time of 33 minutes.

"The corals are still beautiful, and the sea view is still good. For diving activities, we highly recommend this place," said Agam.

This beach has about 17 coral clusters scattered within a radius of 10 km from the shoreline. Tourists who are snorkelling around the beach can also see the expanse of coral reefs and colorful small fish.

This beach area is also equipped with a number of complementary facilities. These include a place to rest, a place to rent snorkeling and diving equipment, along with a number of stalls selling various kinds of food and drinks.

The entrance ticket to Tanjung Karang Beach is IDR 5,000 for motorbikes and IDR 10,000 for cars. For tourists who are interested in diving or snorkelling, the equipment rental costs range from IDR 150,000 - IDR 300,000 per set.

Third day in Palu City

1. | Bawang Goreng Mbok Sri

Before closing the trip in Palu City and its surroundings, it feels incomplete if you haven't shopped for souvenirs.

Tourists can buy souvenirs at the Hj. Mbok Sri on Jalan Dr. Abdurrahman Saleh number 1, North Birobuli, South Palu District, Palu City. From the city center it is about 9 km with a travel time of 19 minutes.

The typical Palu souvenir is Fried Onion. The fried onions are delicious and savory, different from the fried onions in other places," said Agam.

This business was founded in the 1980s and started as a home-based production. The delicacy and crunchiness of Mbok Sri's Fried Onion is well known, even outside the region.

These gifts are sold in different sizes and prices. For the 100 gram size, the price is IDR 30,000, while the 500 gram package costs IDR 150,000.

On Monday-Saturday, this shop is open at 07.00-21.00 WIT. While on Sunday the shop is open at 13.00-21.00 WIT.

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