12 Most Beautiful Bridges in Indonesia

The most beautiful bridge in Indonesia is said to be unique both in terms of architecture and beautiful surrounding scenery. Here's the list.

Indonesia as an area surrounded by a lot of waters, many bridges have been built as access links between regions. In addition to being used as a connecting route for vehicles or pedestrians, several bridges are also used as icons of the local area's landmarks.

These bridges are said to be unique both in terms of architecture and the surrounding scenery. The following is a list of the most beautiful bridges in Indonesia which are quite famous.

1. | Semanggi Flyover, Jakarta

In the capital city of Jakarta, there is a beautiful flyover and its shape resembles a clover leaf, located at the intersection between Sudirman-Gatot Subroto.

According to history, the Semanggi flyover was built in 1951. At that time, President Soekarno became the originator of the idea because his philosophy contained the values ​​of unifying the nation.

2. | Cikurutug Bridge, Purwakarta

If you take the Jakarta-Bandung train, of course you will pass the path that is called the most terrible in the world, namely the Cikurutug bridge.

It was so terrible, the train that crossed this line had to be driven at low speed to keep it balanced. You can also see the Cikurutug bridge if you pass the Cipularang Toll Road.

3. | Cikubang Bridge, Padalarang

The Cikubang Bridge is the longest railway bridge in Indonesia that spans 300 meters, over rice fields, ravines, and hills.

Started to be used since 1906, the Cikubang bridge is still standing firmly with a height of 80 meters from the bottom of the Cikubang River.

4. | Suramadu Bridge, Surabaya

The next most beautiful bridge in Indonesia is the Suramadu bridge (Surabaya-Madura) which connects the islands of Java and Madura.

There are three sections in this bridge: an overpass, a connecting bridge, and a main bridge, with a length of 5,438 meters and a width of 30 meters.

Interestingly, the sparkling colorful lights that adorn the Suramadu Bridge at night add to the beauty of the view of the Madura Strait.

5. | Pasupati Bridge, Bandung

The Pasupati Flyover or Pasupati Bridge connects the northern and eastern parts of Bandung City through the Cikapundung Valley area.

With a length of 2.8 kilometers and a width of 30-60 meters, the Pasupati bridge has been named the second longest bridge in Indonesia and is iconic in Bandung.

6. | Ampera Bridge, Palembang

Similar to the bridge in the City of London, the Ampera Bridge (a mandate for the suffering of the people) was able to lift the road when a ship crossed the Musi River. But now it's no longer possible. Ampera Bridge was once the longest bridge in the world and has four lanes that connect to the Seberang Ulu and Seberang Ilir areas.

The public can also enjoy the beauty of the bright lights of the Ampera Bridge from a distance.

7. | Kutai Kartanegara Bridge, East Kalimantan

The Kutai Kartanegara Bridge is a suspension bridge that crosses the Mahakam River, with a length of 710 meters.

The existence of the Kutai Kartanegara bridge is a link to Tenggarong City, Tenggarong Seberang District to Samarinda City.

Many travelers take the time to visit this suspension bridge. At night, the Kartanegara Bridge looks wrapped with lights on the side of the bridge wires.

8. | Barelang Bridge, Batam City

The bridge, also known as the Habibie Bridge, is known to have an amazing panoramic view of the South China Sea.

The Barelang Bridge is a tourist attraction because it connects Batam Island, Watch Island, Nipah Island, Rempang Island, Galang Island, and Galang Baru Island.

9. | Tukad Bangkung Bridge, Bali

In the Badung area, Bali there is the Tukad Bangkung bridge which is also beautiful and connects Badung, Bangli, and Buleleng.

The Tukad Bangkung Bridge is the longest bridge in Bali and is claimed to be the highest in Asia as well as earthquake-resistant up to 7 on the Richter scale.

From the top of the bridge, visitors can see the green panorama and clear water below.

10. | Kelok Sembilan Bridge, West Sumatra

The 300 meter long bridge located in Payakumbuh, West Sumatra is phenomenal because it has sharp bends and borders a ravine.

Even though it looks terrible, the view of the Nine Kelok is very unique.

Built with an environmentally friendly nature concept, there are two nature reserves near the bridge, namely the Air Putih Nature Reserve and the Har Nature Reserve.

11. | Siak Bridge, Riau

Besides being beautiful, the Siak Bridge in Riau Province is very majestic and at the top there is a restaurant that can be visited by tourists.

To enjoy the view from the top of the bridge, visitors must order a menu from the restaurant. In order to go up to the top, there is a special elevator provided for visitors.

12. | Youtefa Bridge, Papua

The most beautiful bridge in Indonesia, the Youtefa Bridge, is relatively new because it began to be used in 2019, with connecting access to Holtekamp and Hamadi.

Not only beautiful and majestic, the Youtefa Bridge has become a landmark of the City of Jayapura and has also been featured in the Rp75 thousand note for the 75th Indonesian Independence Day edition.

In the midst of the Corona virus pandemic, tourist travel is still categorized as non-emergency travel, so it should not be done to prevent the spread and transmission of Covid-19, especially in areas that still lack health facilities.

If you want to travel between cities or between countries, don't forget to obey the Corona virus prevention health protocol, by wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining physical distance between visitors. Don't come when you're sick and go home sick.

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