10 Tropical Paradises in Sumba for Your Magical Summer

If you have not heard about Sumba, it is the time to get to know about this heaven-sent. It offers infinite natural beauty with a touch of magical local wisdom. Here are 10 places and activities in Sumba you can’t even resist:

1 | Enjoy the alluring Weekuri Lake

Weekuri Lake is an exotic hidden paradise loaded with abundant beauty. It is located in Kalenarogo Village, Kodi Utara, and Southwest Sumba. The uniqueness of Weekuri Lake is its salty water! And it turns out that this lake is a lagoon that its water flows from the sea. The lake is surrounded by reefs and green plants.

Seawater runs the lake from the reef cracks. The lake is exquisite with its very clear bluish-green water. You can see the white sand at the bottom of the lake from the surface. Imagine how happy you are when you have set foot on Weekuri Lake? Definitely, unforgettable experience! By the way, Lake Weekuri can only be reached by foot or two-wheeled vehicles.

2 | Make way to Kampung Ratenggaro

Sumba has a traditional village, called Kampung Ratenggaro. Kampung Ratenggaro is located in Umbu Ngedo Village, Southwest Sumba. What is so special about this village? They have a unique 15 meters towering roof that is called Uma Kelada. Kampung Ratenggaro has also 304 historic megalithic tombs dating back to 4,500 years ago.

In addition, this village is located on the edge of the beach and the mouth of Waiha River. So, while visiting Kampung Ratenggaro, you will be pampered by beautiful natural scenery. You have to travel about 90 minutes to get to the location by bus from Tambolaka town. You should get off in Bondo Kodi then go on a local motorcycle taxi ride.

3 | Step into the magic of Bawana Beach

This beach is very mesmerizing with its charming stone cliffs. Bawana Beach’s beauty lies in its white and soft sand. Green scenery is additional to the beautiful beach nuance. For people who hate crowd, this a remote beach!

4 | Sooth in Waimarang Waterfall

If you are a water-tour seeker, you will be very happy once in Sumba. Sumba is blessed with many interesting water attractions, like Waimarang Waterfall. Waimarang Waterfall could be one of God’s most beautiful hand paintings.

Here, you can enjoy the calm ambiance while soaking in a stone-walled natural pool. Cliffs with greenish moss also add to the natural impression of this place. In addition, you can also meditate or relax by simply sitting around or doing yoga by the pool. Soothing natural sounds can be one of the most stress medications.

5 | Indulge in the exquisite Nihiwatu Resort

Nihiwatu beach is touted as one of the best beaches in Asia because the beautiful sand and the clear seawater with a gentle landscape surrounded with verdant hills. It is also a paradise for surfers, as well as water sport enthusiasts; diving and snorkeling.

At the beach, there is now an international standard resort where you pamper yourself with an exquisite facility while enjoying the heavenly Nihiwatu Beach.

6 | Discover the exotic mangrove of Walakiri

They have a nicer beach when the water recedes. Why? Because you can freely take pictures with unique mangrove trees scattered on one side of the beach. The mangrove trees have twisting twigs and its leaves are not so dense. It is very good for a silhouette photo during sunset. In addition, you can also sunbathe, swim, or relax by the beach while enjoying the coconut ice.

7 | River tubing at Tanggedu Waterfall

Tanggedu Waterfall is located in Tanggedu Village, Kanatang District, East Sumba Regency. This place is beautiful and deserve to be on your priority list because of its unique rock reliefs. The clean blue water makes the waterfall is wonderful. The water is quite heavy so that it is perfect for body rafting or tubing. Moreover, the river water here is not too deep, so it is pretty good to do the action fun.

8 | Try to weave the traditional fabric at Kampong Tarung

Kampung Tarung in Waikabubak is one of the indigenous villages in the middle of a town that authenticity is still maintained. Here, you can find local women weaving beautiful fabrics that can take up to a year to complete. These fabrics are then turned into a traditional cloth, called ikat.

Sumba has a bunch of ikat patterns. Most of which depict animals and tribal designs. Ask for a guide to take you there or if you wish, you can also learn how to weave in the local community workshop.

9 | Learn to make the local handicraft at Waikabubak

What to complete your trip? Buying souvenirs, of course! You can buy traditional handicrafts, in Waikabubak. In town, there is a traditional market called Waikabubak Inpres Market. It is where you can find various local handicrafts, like ikat cloth, a typical Sumba machete, or bracelets from banana leaves.

The market is located on Jalan Ahmad Yani, adjacent to a bus terminal. This market is the lifeblood of the local people. In addition, this market also sells a variety of other things, ranging from staple foods, vegetables to clothes. Don't forget to stop by at this scenic Praijing village and enjoy yet another traditional houses with charming panorama.

10 | Catch the sunset at Wairinding hill

Wairinding Hill is touted as Sumba's most popular hill on Instagram. It is located in East Sumba, 45 minutes from Waingapu city. This tourist attraction is a series of broad savannah plateau. However, this meadow looks green only during the rainy season, from November to May.

While in July to October, it turns into a vast golden natural tapestry. The hill is increasingly known after it became background in the silver-screen movie Pendekar Tongkat Emas (Golden Cane Warrior) by Indonesian prominent film director and producer Mira Lesmana.

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