10 Natural Swimming Pools in Indonesia that Tourists Rarely Know

Natural swimming pools have clearer and natural water, without added chlorine in it. No wonder that many people are starting to look for a natural swimming pool as a tourist destination while on vacation.

If you're lucky, you may even see fish hanging around the bottom. Here are some natural swimming pools in Indonesia that people rarely know about! It will be really fun if you visit it during the holidays.

1. | In Rangko Cave, West Manggarai, there is a natural pool with clear blue water. Apparently, this water comes from the sea that enters the gap or cavity of the cave

2. | Kedung Tumpang, Tulungagung, is a beach with a natural pool on the edge. The water is blue-green

3. | Blue Lagoon is a natural pool located in Sleman. Equipped with various facilities, such as parking lots, prayer rooms, bathrooms, and luggage storage

4. | Previously, not many people knew about Cimincul Springs, Subang. When you go to the location, you will see the clear water that looks charming

5. | Bah Damanik is often referred to as Aek Manik in Simalungun. On one side, there is a shower that flows water non-stop

6. | Crystal Cave, West Kupang, has an area of ​​​​approximately 30 square meters with clear water. During the day, the sun shines through the gaps in the cave

7. | Haji Mangku Cave is located on Maratua Island, Derawan Islands, Berau. The place is a bit hidden, so the journey is quite challenging

8. | When visiting Kei Kecil Island, come to Hawang Cave, Southeast Maluku. The water comes from the Evu Spring which is very clear

9. | Spring Geulis Spring is often called the Kahuripan Lake, West Bandung. Surrounded by mossy rocks that make it more natural

10. | You can find the Gayau Lagoon behind Kiluan Hill, Tanggamus. At the bottom of the sea, you can see fish chasing each other, just like in an aquarium

Those are some natural swimming pools in Indonesia that people rarely know about. Its beauty is guaranteed to make you feel at home for a long time, your vacation moments will be fun!

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