Who is not familiar with the island of Bali, the beautiful nature of Bali and its culture is well known by foreign tourists. Bali offers many tourist destinations ranging from beaches, mountains, lakes, waterfalls and more. Because of this, Bali is much better known than Indonesia internationally. The Island of the Gods is famous as Indonesia's main tourist destination, therefore many think Bali is quite expensive for a vacation spot. Now don't worry, there are many ways you can do to travel cheaply, one of which is visiting cheap tourist attractions in Bali, or even for free.

1. | Angel's Bilabong - A stunning pool of angels

Bidadari is the right word for this spot, a very exotic place to enjoy the beach and rocks to pamper yourself. The angels will choose a good spot to relax, soak in this place. With a view of the open sea and on the right and left sides of this basin there are beautiful rocks due to the natural process of eroding sea waves. Angel bilabong is a place where river water estuaries or dead ends before the water touches sea water. And keep in mind that it is very important to maintain safety. You have to see the situation of the waves and waves, if the waves and sea water are receding, this is the right time for you to bathe in this angel pool.

Coming to Angel Bilangbong Tourism object, you don't have to take a bath or swim, you can capture this moment by posting photos via Instagram so that you can still exist on social media. Angel said it is very iconic with a natural pool surrounded by coral cliffs and the water is clear and stunning.

2. | Waterblow Nusa Dua - The sensation of a rock being hit by the waves

If all this time you have known about Nusa Dua Bali, now you have to visit this place which is very popular in Bali, namely Waterblow. Take the time to visit this spot which offers a different sensation from other beaches in Bali. Indeed, not all beaches have strong waves that melt crashing against the rocks which are quite challenging to conquer, but this cannot be done in this spot, as many have done like at Kuta beach. The beauty of the beach can only be enjoyed on a cliff that is given a guardrail.

The activity that can be done is to enjoy the waves and that is precisely the attraction of this Waterblow beach. Between the coral reefs there are gaps and every few minutes the waves will come rolling and crashing against the reef. The bigger the waves that come, the higher the waves that pass through the gaps in the rocks.

3. | The Damaged Sea of ​​Pasih Uug Nusa Penida - Enjoying the waves crashing at the Exotic Bolong Cliff

Many beautiful beach attractions in Bali are scattered, one of which is the Damaged Sea of ​​​​Pasih Uug Nusa Penida, the beauty of this beach is quite popular to make this beach a very instagramable photo object. The name Pasih Uug itself in Balinese means "broken beach" but that is what makes this beach beautiful and unique.

If in English this beach is known as "Broken Beach" which has a cliff as high as 50-200 meters with a hole in the middle to form a cave or tunnel flowing with sea water, which is trapped in it. Because the sea water trapped in the middle of the cliff makes this beach like having a giant pool. Above the cliff or above the cave becomes a natural bridge that is very unique and interesting. Not only cliffs, Broken Beach presents green grass and trees on the cliffs plus the blue sea. The cool breeze that blows complements the beauty presented by this beach.

4. | Tulamben Beach - Enjoy the beauty of the attractions of marine life

Enjoying underwater natural tourism is something that is quite challenging to enjoy the beauty of coral reefs. Tulamben Beach is one of the recommended places without the need to spend a lot of money by bringing your personal snorkeling equipment, you can enjoy the beauty of the fascinating marine biota attractions and watch underwater panoramas such as the fish ecosystem swimming around, which tempts the eyes of every visitor, the colorful coral reefs become a rare sight and interesting to see.

Located on the east coast of Bali in Kubu Karangasem, it is located about 100km from Ngurah Rai Airport or about 3 hours drive by car to the east. In addition to underwater tourism, travelers can also enjoy the beautiful beaches and witness the activities of fishermen.

5. | Suluban Beach - Hidden paradise in Pecatu

The expanse of white sand that is so neat with a combination of rocks and very large waves is the main attraction for local and foreign tourists. Suluban Beach is also commonly called Blue Point beach, which is interesting to visit with family and children or who are on their honeymoon. This beautiful beach is hidden behind a large rock, which is the hallmark of this beach which is under a steep cliff. The location of this beach is not far from Padang - Padang which has beautiful and unique characteristics.

Suluban Beach is also a prima donna for surfers, because the sea waves are quite high. If the weather is sunny, there are professional surfers as well as beginners to try the waves on this beach. Not only offers challenging waves. Suluban Beach also offers beautiful white sandy beaches that are very charming surrounded by rocks.

6. | Tegal Wangi Beach - Relaxation in the hidden beach of Jimbaran

The end of the day will always be awaited and be a time for travelers to enjoy their vacation. One of the tourist recommendations that are worth a visit is the beach. There are many beaches that are fun to spend the day off relaxing with the family. One of the beautiful beaches in Bali in Bali is Tegal Wangi beach. Tegal Wangi Beach is becoming popular among tourists because of its beauty and panorama. This beautiful beach is known to foreign countries as "Jimbaran Hidden Beach".

Tegal Wangi Beach is quite hidden and tends to be quiet, suitable for those of you who want to relax and relax or just avoid the hustle and bustle of the city. The name of this beach consists of two syllables, namely Tegal and Wangi which means plantation, while Wangi means fragrant. Having clean white sand and greenish sea water, Tegal Wangi Beach deserves to be one of the favorite instagramable destinations that is also the target of many tourists.

7. | Campuhan Hill - Green expanse on an instagramable hill

The hill that offers beauty known as Campuhan Hill is located on Bangkiam Siem Street, Ubud, Gianyar Regency. It is undeniable that the mixed hill holds millions of charms in it. For those of you who want to find tranquility in Ubud, you must stop by Campuhan Hill which is located in the Gunung Lebah Temple area. The Bukit Campuhan tourist attraction has a jogging track that can only be accessed by foot or by bicycle because there are several stairs to get to this area.

Along the way along the Campuhan Hill trekking route, you will be treated to views of green weeds that are very refreshing to the eyes that fill these hills. Mount Lebah hill is flanked by two tributaries, so you can see the valleys with lush tropical trees, from a distance you can see the expanse of rice fields arranged beautifully. The place is comfortable, free from air pollution, natural and refreshing to be a solution for those of you who like tranquility.

8. | Lempuyang Temple - A palace above the clouds that soothes the heart

Lempuyang Temple is located on Bisbis Hill or Mount Lempuyang. This temple is very much visited by tourists. Visitors are not half-hearted, foreign tourists are lulled by the uniqueness and beauty of Lempuyang Temple. The history of Lempuyang Temple itself comes from the word "lamp" which means light and "hyang" to refer to God, such as Hyang Widhi in other words Lempuyang is interpreted as God's holy light shining brightly.

Because of its sacred nature or very sacred for Hindus, there are taboos that tourists must know before entering the Lempuyang Temple area. This must be done because according to Hindu belief, if you violate these rules, it will have a bad impact on the violator.

9. | Yeh Leh Beach - Stunning beach rocks

This beautiful and charming beach is located on the border between Tabanan and Jembrana, this beach is not as popular as other beaches in Bali, but this beach offers natural rocks that have different characteristics from other beaches, usually the beach is always synonymous with white sand. The beach, which is located along the Gilimanuk Denpasar highway, has not been visited by too many tourists visiting Bali, besides being very virgin, this beach is also not widely known by many people.

This beach is still very beautiful and natural, this beach can also be used as a tourist destination for those of you who like fishing.

10. | Aling Aling Waterfall - One with Nature

The existence of this waterfall further enhances the natural beauty of the island of the gods. This unique and amazing tourist attraction is located in the village of Sambangan, Sukasada, Buleleng. The fresh clarity of the Aling - Aling waterfall can be the right location for you to explore. Aling - Aling waterfall is surrounded by high cliffs and there are lots of very dense trees, giving a cool atmosphere.

The uniqueness of this waterfall is that starting from the top of the waterfall down, it will split into two parts where the water that falls on the right has more discharge than the waterfall on the left.

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